EUR/USD, GBP/USD Analysis & Setups 9-10 June '19

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chrystal gopal

so frickin happy for you! and Gloriana💐

Qorry Qorry

Wow!!!!such an amazing story

Jalen Coleman

Can someone tell me what this movie is about? I must’ve missed it in the trailer....5 times.

Lauren Hernandez


aakash bhardwaj

Jangooo 💕💕👌👌👌👌😂😂

majortom niner



Popular kids don’t exist...

Jacob Suever


Maiyah Conley

Omg this happened to me. One day I was at my cousin house. A boy which was his friend and mine came over. My cousin and him played fort nite for a little than decided to go play football, and I came with. When we got there he kept getting close to me. I kept feeling uncomfortable and kept going to my cousin. Than after him repeatedly doing that he touched my ass. I felt like I was going to die. I just ignored and acted like I didn't feel it. Than he did it again. I swear I wanted to punch him in his shit. Than I thought well maybe he was playing, so I chased after him. After minutes of them playing football he walked towards me. And i was praying for him to just turn around... But he didn't. He sat down next to me and I just hopped up. When I walked away he touched my ass again! My cousin saw it and approached him saying "Dont touch my little cousin butt dude" I thought he would stop now. But guess what? He didn't! This time while I was walking he called my name. I looked and he did this 👌👈 I WAS FUCKING DONE! I RAN TO MY COUSIN HOUSE WITH FULL RAGE! I WENT A GRABBED HIS BAT AND RAN BACK TO THE FIELD! He ran and everyone was wandering why tf i had a bat. Thats the end. He ran home and that was it. I called my mother and went home

Derrida Wazzafool

5.46, actually, much better than GOT, but what isn't better than what became of GOT?

Jayanna Rex

13:13 AHAAHA they know where I live 😍😂😂

XxPandax MoonxX

A brighter future i cannot see becous...i just cant

ไม่รู้ ไม่มี


Try to tell them that you feel sad or worried all the time

Chitradurga Sapana

Touchdown was to good

6 months equestrian

I have a dog who makes me very happy when I'm feeling depressed, I am depressed because of traumatic experiences. I love my little Pomeranian.

Dylan McLaughlin

In the the Epilogue of Uncharted 4, if you go outside to the Jeep, the license plate says ND1984, which is reference to Naughty Dog and year they were founded

Tashiba Lampkin

3:17 I'm still trying to figure out how he fell.


I can’t stand the tv volume being at odd numbers.

Mr. Rickster

+funwithguru u are amazing at finding Easter eggs

Armoni Jones

anybody watching in 2018

The Shape

I get fucked with at school everyday. I have a good home, good parents, good amount of money, but I just fucking hate the world. I don’t think I have depression, but I really don’t care about life anymore. I hate people, including myself. I probably wouldn’t commit suicide, but I just don’t care.

read it and i do appreciate it. I don't know how much longer