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Zach Noorman

No way! In Portal, a malfunctioning robot also recites those train stations

Im happy (≧∇≦)/

Aleksandra Bazu

Has it already been posted earlier? I’ve seen this video already 🧐last week

Kamaljit Kaur

You should try 💩

Curtis Acker

Should've invited pat mcaffe

Me: Sends a dumpster on fire with a donkey on top

Eye Shoot

They left lil tjay out because he ain’t flow with the song his voice ain’t like the others kinda but no cap that nigga part in the original was probably the best don’t @ me lil bitch ass niggas won’t agree “if I show

harry goddard

you forgot about the easter Egg where jon snow comes back to life


I know where the sample is from, but who put this track together?

Kimberly Smith

You guys should do grant gustin

amelita casidsid

Can you guys flip a tv next


How do you find all these easter eggs? I'm guessing nowadays fans tell ya about some, but like when you 1st started, did you just scour every inch of games to find them? If so, props to your dedication.


: ) amazing

team noah


My mom at the funeral: it was that damn phone....

Arc Ray

easter eggs aside, no character looks like themselves, nobody sounds the same either, the story feels massively disconnected in tone from the previous right out of the gate. did somebody else make this sequel instead of Shinji Mikami? its like Castlevania LoS/LoS2 where this first game was mostly japanese developed and then sequel was badly made and was obviously western influenced, making it feel jarringly different from the previous.


Could be wrong, but I’m nearly positive Tyler found small keg rings.

Mal Duggan

You need a girlfriend Ace. Top video though.

Marco Pena

Rick and morty fans:


You forgot a BIG one....

D 50

You should do Saquan Barkley

Araceli Chapa

um whats you name again and his name is JJJJOOOOHHHNNN  CEEEEEENNNNNAAAAA

50% How great this video was

Vladimir Aleksandrov

Fun with guru I have something great to say Awesome Make more Vid I love all of your Easter eggs Videos make more Easter eggs vid Ohh and were do you get them al easter eggs And I love you Fun with guru who ever you are (im actually bored)


Как перестать плакать?

Kenji Russell



Sorry CD PROJEKT RED, but Bethesda, Blizzard, Hello Games and numerous others have taken all of my pre-release faith and squandered it. See you a week or two after the official release, hopefully.

Purple Clouds

Stupid people who think that if you don’t like them even though they look atrocious and have a bad personality are gonna love trying to twist this


oof, the CG blood in the departed really took me out of the moment

Oh god I’m a terrible person

Robert Allen

Tom Meets

Anna Ryan

Who makes the blushes? I don’t think she said


Those zombies frigin scare me when I suddenly notice a quiet one behind me.

Kenzy Lienau

Watching this in winter me:I wish I was there


Coby was not happy

jonny Touhill

how about a show with McGyver doing his stunts????


Cobi Williams


Aiswariya Indu Joshi


•Gacha Rose•

You wanna know who’s the most beautiful person in world?


Stereotypes dad edition please do dad stereotypes please

Jesús Castillo

Cody is the panda because when the panda is there Cody is not there

Renauld Adjaho

It's so much of a phew

__ __XxteddyxX

the last one WTF😂😂

Alicia Games

I know this isn’t supposed to be a funny video, but when she said “palms are sweaty” I thought of moms spaghetti