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Glj Squad


Juanma Piamba

Cómo lo hacen

Jeremiah Gilmore

Twins got “super cool”

Kent Wohlfarth

Jeg er dansk svin pis af med alle dem der ik er dansker

Edgar Gomez

It was so so

Kyle Roycewicz

Bro the 2 guys with Cody during the "Mr. Jumpy" are hugeeee. Keep in mind Cody is 6'6

Gabrielius Stankevicius

Call The army with Tanks and hydras and police

Alexander Sicolo

4:20 XD

eleni pol

Rage monster 💢💢💢👹

is that fuck phone family is richtofen as ah zombie?



Φωτεινή Φωτιάδου18


The Game Gangsters

Steak & cheesefrom subway


Were is mrbeast when you need him

T - Entertainment Creations

Hit Like For Frozen 2013 & Comment For This Frozen 2

shimura nana

well,watching a day in her life

vishakha !

Ethan: Its on sale!!

Ch. Wpy


Mr. Bear

It didn’t even hit Bryan in the face

LunaGranger22 Fernández

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M REALLY SUCH A FAN OF YOU AND HARRY POTTER 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 YOU' VE MADE SUCH A GREAT STORY!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Ben Walters

High shorts high shots


I was having a rough day and this song made me so happy!! The message in the lyrics are so sweet There is no tissue role in toilet paper and someone is waiting outside so that after me heor she can come

Chasing Goats

Skip should never be respected again. Everyone on talk shows talking about how a superstar comes up short instead of talking about how well of a job the opposing team did defending the offball screens keeping Curry from going off. These guys don't fully understand basketball.

Evanplayz 1206

I like - 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999slaps for da mom and dad


You forgot the dog meat in Mac's Famous Mac & Cheese!

Burnt Meme

I stood up to a bully once turns out he was not very tough good story

julia Lawrence

Dude perfect I have that game I on level 23


Real G's leave the volume up on the first one

Gab Baltisoto

Did she pee while recording this? She pees every 5 minutes. This Video is 6 minutes sooooooo?

Ricky PErez

yea like the one "hold my beer i can do anything" old and lame just watch the vid


I wonder if the duck lady is an actor

Levi P


Dancing Gorilla

Detroit is the best better than therestcolts are the worse go ridea horse

Jesus Fried Christ



GOOD JOOB! love your work! <3

ZTH Chuckchancy


Cleone Diorra Kawitan

Yasss I'm the 350th View!!


Soooo, not to be rude, I fully support people who wish to be another gender, but when you say you wanna play with the girls, can’t you just be a boy who plays with girls? You don’t have to change your gender to act like a girl. You can be a boy who wears girls clothes, wears makeup, etc. I’m just a bit confused. It seems like many trans stories I hear are just people wanting to be a part of male or female gender stereotypes who then connect that passion and need to wanting to be the other gender? Idk. Again, I have no hate towards anyone who identifies as another gender ^^

Nintendo why didn't you specify

Chad Lester

Your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!