Falcon FX | First Meet Up of 2019

Falcon FX has a truly special community, and in today's video, we're excited to share that with you with our first meetup of 2019 located in Birmingham, UK.The Birmingham meetup saw a turnout of between 60-70 Falcon FX students, all of whom are at their own stage's of their journey's but still sharing a common goal; to become the best trader's they can be and to help each other grow.At every meetup, we see that more and more students have quit their job to pursue trading full time, and this meetup was no exception where we celebrated Falcon student Cesar Nunez having reached that milestone just recently.2019 will see further member-meetups being organised and held worldwide, so make sure to get involved today by joining the community.Subscribe here: access to our FREE TRAINING here:Falcon on Social Media:Website - - -


Wow. Your videos are perfectly elaborate. Thanks

Doing amazing as a kind of rookie group!

Lily Milsom

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Humayoum Kahloon

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Creepypasta Animations

Absolutely gorgeous and amazing!! Your so amazing at this stuff and it's incredible how talented you are with music and film. This film was outstanding, You have a serious gift! I love it , keep up the good work Rudy !!!! Support and love from all 😘❤️

Maggie Fu

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