SUBSCRIBE ▶︎ ME ON INSTAGRAM ▶︎ MAKE MUSIC, FOLLOW MY SPOTIFY ▶︎ first time ever listening to German Rap/Hip Hop. I'm super excited to show you this video! The intro is a little sneak preview of a series I have planned ft. my language. Anyways I'm happy to have discovered new German music artists. It's a shame that I can't speak German too but I'm sure I'll learn German one day! Please send me all your German Rap / Hip Hop reccomendations! Maybe they'll make their way into the next reaction!I was impressed. The world is sleeping on German hip hop. Songs in Video:Lalo Ebratt, Trapical - MoccaAnthony, Will Smith, Bad Bunny - Está RicoDaddy Yankee & Bad Bunny - Como Soy (Video Oficial)Balvin - Safari ft. Pharrell Williams, BIA, SkyME ON: 👉 TWITTER - SNAPCHAT - foreverIkennaALSO FOLLOW ME ON: 👉 SOUNDCLOUD - FACEBOOK - CAMERA EQUIPMENT I USE:✅ Canon 700D - Rode Video Mic - Email:

Vũ Minh Khôi

I saw that panda did try abit of soccer


Do Arrow and The Flash (CW series) Easter eggs, that would be awesome! Btw I watch every video you post, I love your content!

Jim Miller

how does this video have 1,281 likes, but only 723 views?

Red Shift

Then theres the facctor of "Luck"it is real anywaysAnggie land is real


Richard Rounce

Glow in the dark edition 2


2:00 yeah because nothing says a movie for all kids like The Shining.

The Unknown

one like= one prayer for this child 🙏

I love BTS

I love Howl😍😍😍

Thomas Brotz

I didn't understand the doom one

Geometry Dash Daily

5:50 ... do not click it🙂


This music is so fucked up.

Virginia Paintball

The guys copued HI5

Daniel Martin

25 bounces of 0.25 playback speed

Roast Beef Curtains

... And then I got high

Sergeant Cyka

He comes in and im like: BOOTY HAD ME LIKE

Liam Parliament

The only frisbee Trickshot I can do is the the brother bloody nose shot...

Jackson Aldrich


Telescopios Medellín

Me pregunto quienes serán los 11.000 pendejos que le dan Des-Like?

Everything Account

Maybe Cody’s a cheater and moved the ball?


Still impressive in 2019

Danni Frey

you guys are so cool


모두 환영합니다!

Jaxson Holt

The bog slead

Spiffy Pictures

The 1st one is the BEAST.

ImPatrick !

I would be the playground guy the one that plays with the equipment


This tsundere shit isn't cute.

Алена Карпунина

666 likesit’s devil

Lord Mondfutzi

reads title

Todo Broski

Why did I laugh at the thumbnail.....

Donald Trump.

Cindy Rose Bonete

I think what the stone man's pertaining about the past is nOt what ist seems.. Is about elsa's parents death..


Let It Go sequel looks good

Wiktor Kaczmarczyk

Jest ktoś kto napisze kom po polsku




Lucifer/Devil Vs God

Swimming & Baseball For life

Are they using real glass on Cory

sad bologna •

Tsk tsk tsk what do you expect ???

Hayden Hilliard

LOVE me some Johnny football

Alka Srivastava

Bumble bee

Isabel Beerens

1:48 her shirt annoys me on a whole new level smh

2:23 I knew it!

Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third

#9 Isn't really a reference, it's just something they shove in your face and say "LOOK AT IT AND LAUGH YOU SHEEP".

TheFLO 0


Bryceyboy 58

WTF????? They just couldn’t try to keep her alive because the family didn’t have enough money???? So so so so so so stupid

Cat strain

Oh my god I fucking love this

>I loved Guru so much, I watched all of his videos and gameplays