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Connor Rauser

I wish they would play real music in their videos

Sadron of Lothlórien

Can you steer the dragon?


please continue with using your voice with these videos, they are way better like that! keep up the good work!

Rabbit Gaming

the megaloon at 13:12 says "i love humans!!!!!"



MINI Flores

This is amazing!!!

Lunatic Wolf

My throat closed up and I started crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Audrey Kimbrough



i saw it too

willie mctavish

I cut my head open 3 times win I was 2 now I am 8

Cam Stickney

Boom shota shota come get your shota

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With so many jobseekers out there it is a buyers market for businesses. They pay minimum wage for crappy jobs because people are desperate enough to work them.

Nola Louise Bachemin


Gaming of Kaissar

Backwards Edition, say it backwards.

B_ Shaw10



I love that thumbnail . Good job!! Happy easter from Argentina

Varsha Sijin