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Akidi Loves Sans

My teacher caused my depression - Im not in the menstrual role yet, so I have a few years before I get sins. It’s because of my after-life. i want to get paradise after a hard life

A blonde goddess


A random M'aiq appears!


Get it? The cheese was cut to look like a mouth?......... And the garlic represents the PacMan Dots?........ And he was eating the dots just like in PacMan?........ ANYONE?!

ThedogXx 2005

Who 2019?

Mateo Villanova

I live in SD and i thought i saw you guys

Ma. Ligaya


Madison Russell

Those cats (and the popsicle recipes I guess) made my day 100% better, thank you

Esteban Is My Name Pal

So What’s this about again I’m confused asf 🥴🤤😐😶🤔



And no weird stuff on ur phone

The chosen one

Fishing trick shots

Jayboo Jayboo


Soibam Bimolata Leima

Abusive mom's are a huge problem . Many children has suffered because of this.


Nice Dunkey clip

Mya Bryant

XD spray that shampain REVENGED

Tomato Boi

nice easter egg of your own there....

Marcus Zanetti

if i play on pc i think tou scroll to make this 4 REAL DOE! EVERY SONG EXCEPT FOR NF SONGS!

Jovannyc 49

The rest after coby we’re leaning forward when coby was making the back of his head to the chair

More Conger



I think the hitman one must've been a glitch at first but when they found it they thought it was funny and decided to keep it and make a joke out of it. Just a theory though.

layna Cav

When Jen serves absolutely no purpose but wants to come on the trip

Andressa Cipriano

I'm anxious. My partner is secure, so he tries to make me secure as well, is lovely...

It's called dark souls 3

Toby Brown

"They're not good for you, they are delicious for you" should be on a T-shirt

Andrew Pittner

I hate ty

( > >)

BIG mac

Fuck nooooooooo

Toan Vo

Averaging 33 ppg, Toronto has been in his face. Disappointing?

Unicorn Queen

what a nerd

Loni Shewey



who is panda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crying and fall asleep in their arms within like 2 Minutes.

Carter 117

Hey I’m from Utah also

Hannah Clyde


Cole the legendary

Coby was properly named because he got a Kobe


Sadly guru, these are not easter eggs, these are endings, this is one of those games where every tiny detail will change the ending completely. :/

King bling

26 bounces

Manit Bhargava

Sorry I meant Tennis stereotypes

Skin Bear

Im a chicken and fish guy only.

Steven 217

In 01.36-01.51 it real?

Bryan Kelly

Thanks , Guru ..!

Jeb Kara

Games, games games. It's all about the games...

Ana Nava

Your the best perfect dudes

Nick Gurgh



you forgot the sword in the stone easter egg. but its not easy to find all the easter eggs of course

Martha Norrell


Gacha Flame Fox


2020: Your house is on fire.

Thanos fury exterminator

You are a lucky son of a gun for escaping North Korea

Hanna Edwards

actualy the note on the wall on number 9 says dont FLUSH yourself

Lilly Musaeus

Who else would love to see Coby own a cat? Like if you agree

Gacha_ starz18

What is her Instagram tho


Just quit already you sick person.

FChan Gaming

0.53 Cody: one round only doing the trickshot : imma go one more


5:46 why is there a voice saying "ett två tre fyra"? (one two three four) in swedish

Queef Sniffer Maximum Overdrive

been watching you forever dude, your vids never cease to amaze me. im always reading articles on cracked so i know most big easter eggs in games, but you always include the ones no one ever knows about. : )

Wendy jk x jm

As much as I love BTS, I wanna see how they are with spice and answering question.. I love you BTS and Sean Evans love your videos