Forexed Educational Video - VOLUME #1

My first ever YouTube video, I hope you guys were able to take something from it. Instagram: @forexedFor my free analysis / signals channel on Telegram:SOON!

Squeegee Potato

What is she saying at 4:31 ?

Grim Films.

Watched at 37 views. Notification squad.


Jamie benn’s shot with the duck was beyond dirty!

Angry GamerZ

iam ur biggest fan

Dylan King

I don't get number 9

Model Trains and Railfanning

Those 3d models were so cool!

Nothing But Alted

1:04 when your in fortnite and your friend runs away and you need to be revived XD

fisher man

Good man...

Jd Agri spec

Remember the selfy shot

Andrew Junki Cho

At 2:17 he misses the hoop


Song is C418 stranger think

Massimiliano Cerza

Germany was winner


Tinder: 0:59

Joe Bachelder

U are my favorite you tubers

Neetika Mishra

Only 3million likes

5+6 =11

Jahric Lago

4:15 Rebecca and Phil look alike!!! Those eyes! 😮😮😮❤

Outer sans The skeleton


Macy kxo

james: clicks vid

The Sarge Gang

4:35 You could say he BOOTED that


In Black ops 2 Tranzit if you go into the cornfield in the map far enough you can eventually find Nacht Der Untoten.

Went to location... Found the burn marks and shit... But no UFO... WHAT GIVE!?!?!? :(

please sub :(

Digital Gamer

Grant gustin

gamer king

Where should we go

Noman Sangar


Rogan Reicher

The yard sale was hilarious

Marc Shlyshen

I love how Marcus reacts to the Eater Eggs.

Adriana Embly

Aww Catherine !!;(

NaSa RuIz

Your videos are amazing my guy. I always look forward to seeing your videos when I get the notification for them. Keep up the great work man

Austin horbecker.

I have the game

Brenda Criado

Deric rose

Baha Şahin

Just an idea, but would you consider putting annotations on your videos to skip to the next easter egg? Could be useful, especially on videos with spoilers in them.


@MrBeast how do you feel about Morgz?

Itz Jo._se_.phineee

I mean she could’ve helped Mia by reporting her parents to the police or something ??

nancy livesay

Where is COBY and CORY?...

Kamatchi Chandran