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Knocked by a fall (396 meters)


that was just the cinematic trailer. i wanted to see real gameplay

רועי בירן

I had meningitis as a three year old my stupid doctor said I had a virus If my mom wasn't so smart and the doctor that checked me wasn't a Damm amazing doctor I WOULD HAVE DIED but because of some good circumstances and luckey timing I lived with just having problems with hearing people here and there. It's funny when I had meningitis I was emotionless I didn't realize something bad happened or even question anything which I do alot when I look back I realized how scared my mom must have been and how lucky I was

Lil Sav

Who is the panda? 😂👀

Edricho Saputra

Em form indonesia

Fire King

1:32 the guy sitting next to him has a shirt that said man up😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂

from live


hey, Mortal Kombat was a good video game movie


@101Jared I didn't say black people invented it, but they are really good at it.

Kayra Ünalan

Turkler +1


so stupid girl.

Tw mosamitzu


Florencia Mantero


Pedro H. Barbosa Gonzaga

American History Y, probably a reference to the movie American History X.


Too bad they can't count to 3.

ᗩᑎIYᗩᕼ ᑎOᗯ

😞This is every girls fear😞



My family and I saw Family Force 5 in concert last night and all I could picture was you guys doing trick shots with them on stage.

joel osteen

coryyyyyy forever

Unknown Directors

A good friend would break one promise if you know it’s for the good. She’ll thank you later.. but I’m not sure.. I just heard this somewhere..

Logan_Spark 44

Th had to hold the bumble be because his poor rocket bit the dust


What are those bottles


Call of dead : Infinite loser


after rewatching it that shot after the bell isn't that bad still illegal but he had already started it and was made out to be later in peoples minds by the slow mo which didn't seem to have the bell synced. Regardless of that punch the eye was damaged so using it as a rematch cause is weak still stronger than pettis's claim though as cowboy didn't quit.

I still think my parents wont be proud of me

Saeed Ahmed

Austin you suprised catherine so good and the show was incredibale so was the suprising time

The Dovalord

You forgot the one in Dragon Age: Origins where you get Oathkeeper after fist making camp.

Morgan Klasson

3:06 lost my bacon?


Pepper Pig tho....

I know my dad loves us more than anything in the world but sometimes it seems different

Rafly Djaelani

Yup you're going c-c-c-c crazy

Leviathan Gaming

hi dude

Roki D

PLZ sub for my chanle

Braiden Comstock

Dumb rage monster


You should film Golden Tate next.He is on the New York Giants.

Tim George

where is garret


My friend weighted about 70 kilos in the age of 12 xD

Roman Torres

I feel like they do fake stuff


idk why but I felt a little uncomfortable seeing them together. It just didn't seem the same. like whenever they hang out with each other its not awkward. Today it kinda was. idk why though

Earl Dorn


Yoshiki G

Dear warriors fans, sorry to say this but it's over.

finnleygdog YT

1:40 And justwhen you thought Dude Perfect was perfect...

SplatoonFan [吹奏楽Fun]


Mia Bernard

Red win

Karam Shahzad

Full of exagerationnn . Exageration 100

Jorge Gonzalez

They have to miss

Ultra Instinct Jalen

On hood if they snitch on anyone. They not hood.

Chloe kc

Billie Eilish? Is that you?

Sabrina Beaudoin

The kiss... :o <3