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Spk'nın yasakladığı forex aracı kurumlarından bir tanesi öğrencimle yazışarak iblik yaparak komisyondan kazanarak merdiven altı forex aracı kurumlarından yatırımcıları nasıl dolandırdıklarını anlatmış. Ben de bunu ifşa ettim. Forexte borsada nasıl dolandırılıyoruz kanmayalım görün diye.Beni Takip Edin

Richard Chisik

Revenge. ........... Leak his too


At 3:15 Tyler’s started to dance


Bottle flip paintball u can do it dp


I’d be surprised if KD plays for more than 20-25 minutes

Me: nani

NL Vlogs

Toronto Blue Jays


i wanna watch all cartoons and shows with that tasty grain you overlay

Chelly Hendy

Why can't dad speak after he did the alcohol

Skyleen Rivera

The USA is a good place for the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community my country has made great progress so good for you


Milk steak with jelly beans!!!

Gussaras YT

Harabekerasteme ta kesete para krabe eses likampo estangla

Aaliya frhn

I have anxiety disorders not depression.

Steve Rogers

Its Sailor Ty . Sailor. Gaaddiamnit. Christopher is not proud of this. But he is proud of Cody. Just used wind alone . Wow. and said 'Sailor'.

That’s a mr beast thing idk

Anna E

hay were is steghen curry 


2^31 coins magically appear, overflow, and fall back down into the well.


4:05 if you look behind us, there is a massive storm coming... * Lightning strikes *

Kyan Kee Lim

When did Cody get the glasses



Marcus Hoskin

**LIKE IF WATCHING IN 2017!!!!**

DJ Black

Ong school turns us into everybody else

Zade Bardhi

Soccer doesnt exist it's football

Cherry - agar

2:14 boi


come on Cobybelive you can winhave faith in you

1000 IQ

E 3 E 3E 3 LOL I love the e3 omg e3 lol

Michel Cortes


Olivia Rockwood

Ah oh. Can’t let anyone know the word “bullying”. We need to bleep that shit

jinat jahan

Make a speed typing and a nuclear typing and a cardboard typing and a ghost type evee and a bug dragon type pokemon and a pokemon based on Mario or link or even meta knight or even king k rool


I'm gonna get A LOT of basketballs and try this but put the hoop at the sideline and just keep trying it.

Game Name

I love the art style

Alejandra Cortes

#Ozuna, YOU LOVE TE Quiero 💞💞, YOOO

Dawson Hudson

under 200 club



Sync Cheesepuff

you should do batman arkham city easter eggs I love that game