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SublimeTime3 B

no sound in space

Zaid Ali

Flip a chair

Doctor Stephen strange is Name

actually pizza planet truck is belong to toy story


When parents get involved it usually ends up getting worse for me personally lmfao

Victoria Andrade

stormi is just the best thing in the video

Kay W

Life is a trip!! I Never ever thought I would ever see J Stone doing a video next to Nipsey Hussle’s grave.

Dalton Henson

Dude awsome

Tarik Elly

idiots, idiots everywhere

Carlos Xiong

The time your looking for is 9:11

Ocean Man

I love this content more than most other things, it's original, doesn't whore in views and is actually interesting to watch, love ya Guru!

Fantasia Wonderous

Cyber cops?

Brad Eller

you should do it with andrew mccutchen


Jez im late

K-Pop Trash

Bullshit. Even though I control EVERYTHING I eat and sometimes only eat 1 meal a day and exercise more than 3 hours a day I haven’t lost a pound in 2 years since I started instead I just stay at the same weight I weight 145 and I have stayed that way for 2 years


the season finale was the only episode that really grabbed my attention long enough to watch it all in one setting, i enjoyed the twist on hang the dj tho

Shorty tell me I'm the same


We need the song name of 12:14 now guru nowww


Johnny does the ripping shirt to much


Thank you for the great video!


Jack Hoff

Most foreign occupants in Western Europe show no desire to go back home. Let's say you were living as a hobo, and then got a nice house handed to you for free, and all your essentials provided for through charity. Would you give all that up to go back to living as a hobo? These treasure seekers have now found out where the treasure is buried. They're not going to let it go.

Cool Guy

u saw that face shoot tho

Cal Farrar

Coby makes 40 yarder with a baseball bat. Cody Parker misses as a professional kicker.😂🤣😂🤣

Shooting Star

Scott Barnes, I can't even afford milk for my kid. I live thru your videos.

john fuller

Cerrone blew his nose on purpose after the punch after the bell bc Tony was embarrassing him. Dues is a VETERAN! No way he blows his nose in that situation. Perfect cop out. Idc what he did in previous fights. He copped out.

Western Labs

Man... Such amazing kids


No there is no sound in space

Charles Ereneta

I felt sorry for the sharks.

XTREME Gamming

hahaha panda 🐼🐼

angie is a weeb

imagine being the child...

Fortnite fan Xdxdxd




maeve kelly

how, just how


If you are above 10 ,then like this comment.

JR Games Mobile

I poop I I fart I pea



Kylie: were going to look at the makeup... YUM Hmm

Rikardo Rvszo

3:40 BRAWHALLA!!!!!


the same words

RJ Nalty

Why does he look like Professor X



I Know a young age to just want to die it got worse I use to cut but I realized that I'm running out of time I stopped cutting and looked at the bright things in life and every day I say to people u can't leave me today

Faraz Shah



I liked the destiny Easter egg

Melisande Vasquez

The 1:42-1:43 is funny

Star Bruh

Will you do a video with Starlin Castro

G. Apple


Zombie Man

I watched this way too late ty is now my least favorite for hitting panda dude


I found an easter egg on a magic bus and a couple weird encounters wondering if it's and reference to some thing it catie Carnival

funny fox

The name Oliver.... That's mah brother's name

Family Tablet

All the people who's watching this video I like you


is it real... dude?

Gacha Tulip




ıllıllı ᏦᏢᎾᏢ ᎥᎠᎥᎾᏆ ıllıllı

Though we may not enjoy school, let's not forget that for some people it's not an option. Imagine only socializing with people you live with. Or, knowing you will grow up unsuccessful and uneducated. We have to learn to be grateful for the things we take for granted.

Enzo Blanco

kobeeee..... got 81 of them...... xD

Christian Vang

If I asked my crush out on Facebook,and they would say,Not intrested

Perfect perfect perfect