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When you know you are the best in what you do, still practicing the strategy, but i promise you its a killer, comment if you wanna know how i do it, and i'll help you for free

Royal Family

It would’ve been dope if you went to the school microphone announcer thingy and said your opinion and explained it. That way EVERYONE will have to listen to it!

Rick Halterman

Dallas Cowboys

The. Dude.

Hell yea Aaron Rodgers

“A dead man with his pants down can be found in a shed with his lover”

Albie Toby



3:16 Shane’s trying so hard to not laugh

Rai Bonil

Giiva sunner eh

Adriann mangaard

i would NOT wanna play basketball with this guy!

Latasha Hall

I feel like a lone wolf so there's nothing but hapiness.

Are normal conversations

Dang Elise


Somerandom Person

Oh come on... does the main protagonist really have to look like a 15 year old kid with a Justin Bieber face? He is a god damn Jedi Knight, give us a man with gravitas, not a baby-faced boy.

Jake Sellen

Bowling alley

Zeid Houssami

post more of these

Antonia Liriano


Dylan Care

Team Canada all the way

Saturday Footy

garrets launch was sick


Just shit in their mind

Dyl Sal

Go cobes


My highest score is 36 Im bad 😐

Lord Hater


King Treal

Hubba hubba

The NC Dirt Detectives

Lmfao.. They painted a ATP gold!!!! Lmfao


This really looks interesting, I hope they finally answer all of the questions from the previous movie.


anyone tell me how this is not edited?

Patrick Porter

Panda is going to win

Chaitanya Negi

YETI- aaaaaaawwww who put this rocket in my food?

Pepijn Reniers

My Brother is in love on his 5th age, he has a weird relation ship with that person, she is also in love but no real relation ship they have (he dont no what it really is)