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ɭɐɹɖo ɣɛk

Ughhh! Don't use the m word! It makes me think about all of the murder that happens in the factory farming industry

Justin Driedger

1 I’m so fancy

Alex Mathews

I’m not saying I’m the panda,I’m just saying me and the panda haven’t been seen in the same room

Reou Esleo

I have cisticphibrosist


..knife throwing trickshots?

Willy Boi

Great message but its not that ez

Caroline Maryantu

Who is sugar baby?

Un latte macchiato tiepido, senza schiuma e con poco caffè... tiepido, eh, non freddo!


Renta Lynn

I have anxiety and at first i thought it would go away but it hasnt and it never will. I dont like having anxiety it gives me so many problems and it makes me want to cry. im just 13 and I feel so insecure about myself scared about what the world will think of me. I juat want to go away so that i can live a normal teen/teenager life.

YetiBear GD

This is confusing and the sudden switch of perspective ruins the video

Actually happened


Dude, you have such a pointy head.

Z. Tijrini


Gavin Spalding

He has a 25% chance of winning

ash Mayoral

Is it sad the only reaction I had to this video was oh I have that toothbrush

airphil72 airphil72

Flight club has lost there mind two grand! $2000 they know when a sucka or a fool comes through the door and gets that paper. 🤣😂

C.R. Geltmacher

10 million percent of winning Kobe I love you

Gracie Draws stuff

This is so pretty, and I almost cried