This is how me and my students do it

random potato

I stood up to a bully i punched him then stalked him saved all his embarrassing pics made it a video then sent it to him in the middle of the night and all his friends then he got scared of me

Niles D

I loved the atmosphere in Dear Esther. When I first realized those shadow figures were around though, I flipped various shits xD

Rowan Ollio

I feel like garret was in the wolf and Cory or coby in the eagle



William Rusli

Youre actually right failed mewtwo experiment are ditto this is confirmend on the game mewyou

MadMonkey Gaming

They take a good sport and then all they do is make it basketball like if this is true

Slime Hamsters

I hope you have a wonderful baby



Anisa muse

Please just surprise me 🙈I love ❤️ you guys

Akstar 25

Sometimes I don’t shower cause I’m lazy

Dominic Yanez

The lacrosse player has a smile like drake from drake and josh

Nathan Calouro

I have a feeling this is my life right


i arlredy thaoght the didos sore i cant spell

dilip kumar


Ayat fatani

Congratulations, REBRICKULOUS broke your record

В.И Ленин

Название почему русская ?

Saeid Izzaway

Why is this so emotional to me??

Semina Had

I get cramps only watching this

vortex eruption

Make another

Taufan Pribadi

I think i saw an old lady in 5:13

willis larson

I’m so sorry you guys 😢 Losing a dog is always awful. People who say they’re not family obviously have never truly had a dog. We had to put down our Mini Schnauzer last year, and the pain is still there. Bless you guys ❤️

recoverystar31 M Sorko

I love you

| |


Secret clip: press gurus name at 6:11

Lucia Hufflepuff

This kinda Sounds like my first boyfriend in the beginning

JaKodi Williams

They cuddling all wrong


i sharply exhaled through my nose at the start <3

jack higham

u forgot the whale u set a bomb on it and it belly blows up with a chest in

TheJurassicWorld Gamer

Um why does he have a gun?

Bryce Revo

You guys are the best , I’m coming on your tour

DanTheDanator 27

Shohei Ohtani


this video was brought to you by Pringles

Marcus Aurelius Rosales


My Opinion:Girl you no better

Miguel Bonilla

Love your rc car battle

Jim Jimmy

This game is really Wicked.

Gym Extreme

i saw no different

صِٰـہِۢو୭فٰ͒ـہيِٰـہِ HD

شايل خرزة هذا😂💔

Micala Wood

So offense, but you're a JERK. Though you stopped, you can't change what you did to the poor girl!

Eseroghene Omene

“Hold up there’s a private jet in my way. MOOOOVE “ 😂😂😂

Gamerj 306

No 2 plus 2 is baby 2

Tim Jensen



Damn Tony doesn’t even look like he was in a fight after that

Stella S.

uhm...i am....disgusted...

d boi dadio

Fish tank

Roger Tuttle

my favorite dunk was singnature dunk

Banko 16

0:53 Best DAB ever!

Noe Random

Me sees the title of the video


983839830383939 tries after

420briged. INC

Theres a reference to the movie The Geat Outdoors in 76 too


i almost satr crying


The editing on this video is impeccable, great job.

frisk sans

omg I think I have that I've been going throught the need to pee a lot and hurting stumice and I think I have that type of cancer but im only 12 but you can get cancer at any age I hope I don't have the type of cancer that's in this video and I hope you get better

Jacob McInnes

who is panda?

Beckett Kohlman Sawa

This vid is not there best

I’m good at Fortnite your not LOL

And did anyone see the piece of meet fly of of Ty’s pizza

Vasco Faris

Its *football..

you mean biological



typicalclash 3

When bowling is to simple