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Rockdale Farming Co

Do a backflip

Christian Brunner

Matt Pat I’ve seen everyone of your videos and I’m a big fan I would really enjoy it if you did another Stranger Things theory I really enjoy your content

10/10 logic. Also how did they upload this video not realizing this shit will be talked about negatively considering there were 2 women beat up on a London bus for being a lesbian couple.

Arnold Antilope

0:35 Nazi Zombie DLC confirmed

A Shady Fellow

Bruhh there trying to make us feel bad for a homophobe.

kezaiah oleary

lol dis funny

Allyson Allred

Which of course makes it one of my favorite metals.

madhuchalapathi urological hospital

It’s a nice 👍 empowering video


Elijah Lindo

ms.fuck face

Cédrick Pelletier

Hockey stereotypes


I actually have tears for some reason? I guess I didn't realize I'd been craving a classic high-fantasy epic for so long... that's what Frozen II seems to be. It's nostalgic I guess. The likes of classic fairy tales and folklore and fantasy epics like Lord of the Rings and Narnia. The modern trend is to use fantasy to subvert expectations (Shrek, Onward's trailer, even the first Frozen). I'm just happy that Frozen II seems to be taking fantasy back to it's roots, even for just one film.

Eliza Udy


hye Mi

San: Let's go to billboard

Jolyne Morin

I’m watching March 2019

Asa Rivera

@Marshall123321 You have to realize how high he is and with wind blowing it can curve alot.

FuturePhantom 59

What was that money thing that rolled across

Ryan Harber

Y’all are awesome

Captain Rex

Oof coby I have strep throat too


A amusement park!

Z3lda2006 Gaming

Garret looks like a dale earnhart double

nathan mettenburg

Patrick mahomes

Riley Cooper

Who is the panda


Dino Reaper

and the call of duty one


Wtf do u have a grenadine

HuMan Being 34/7

Yesterday I ordered something from Amazon and it’s arriving today.

shares it on the internet

Squishy Sisters

They should do an overtimebut add voice box more didn’t you love it

Ege Gürü

0:29 yusuuf naber yusuuff


Ummm...all 9 apply to me...

Απόστολος Κουλακιώτης


Aleeya Sellwood Sellwood

This made me have water lol👅

Shreyansh620 - The Card Trick Teacher

Really dude you are perfect

Ryan Brisby Jr

Purple hoser

William Rivera



Zpretty much all ty and cody

Ry Smith9

I’m the trash talker