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Aisha Holmes

This is what you brothers worked hard for! The Marathon Continues 💙💙💙💙

NoSteam Tutorials

i hope so it would be sick

Love, Katelyn♡

Annie is the GOAT Asher🔥 Congrats you two, much love❤❤

Jared Lance

Lol this is such a joke


Just go build a PC...idek why people still care about consoles

mel farhang

Who is the panda

Aleja Coomer

This probably not the right time to ask but what app do you use to draw this?


They are awesome people because they did this for these sweet kids and they are doing great things for these children

Lucy Danko

I'm confused did his mum just not pick him up? Did she ditch cause that's harsh. Or did she not have a house and they were both homeless?


no fake :D WoW :D

but guess what? SHE TOLD THEM I WAS SO MAD AT HER.

The Nerds

Hey I just wanted to say thank you for being so inspirational to me because I am a kid with Cystic Fibrosis and it has been really hard lately on the low chance that you will see this thank you because of you guys every hospital stay has been easier so just simply thank you

Easter egg ception.

that one Kid

Fuck y'all haters

ใจดวงนี้มีเธอ อยู่เต็มหัวใจ

Dude perfect is better


i hope is fake but is a sad video 😪😪😪


should do it again

steve hood

rip chair


First dislike :P

Miranda Huddleston

next video y'all wear glasses? Issa yes from me

cringey weirdo

Minute videos


Coby obviously doesn’t know what “make it rain” means


49 he gets rejected

Jacob Hager

I have been there

King James

do part 2 please :D

S. H.

Hi! I don't know if the girl who's story is in this video see this, but i just wanted to tell you: i was born in Serbia (but in Hungarian). I lived in a city for 12 years and than we moved to a vilige. My classmates hated me couse i came from the city, including my cusin and her friend as well. But when we moved to England it get much better. Anyway the thing is: don't be upset because of the Serbien people, they can't acept changes. JUST DON'T THINK ABOUT THEM, AND DON'T GIVE UP.😉😊(Thise are my experiemences).

KrankZeGhost K

I wonder how many viewers are girls 🤔

Keira The Random

I pass out when I'm really tired so I can relate xD

Michael vlogs

Craig xen id trash

Kenadee Stratton

The hell you ungrateful ass! They adopted you so you weren't so refugee on the streets!

Toronto Raptors

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