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Aiden Pass

I swear if they kill off Zelda, or if I have to save her again I... Will... Flip Out.


play it 1.5 faster

Maryheart Casungcad

Lesson for this video? If you truly love a person, give him/her a time or space. Then if he/she also love you. They'll comeback for you. And i hope you guys can accept them.

Коля Косынюк

Дебилы ура ааааааааа ненормальные


is it just me that the chorus is so catchy?

What is this music??

Owen Mohler

Lehigh was 2012 not 2011. They lost to Arizona in 2011 in the Sweet 16

Uhma Grossenbacher

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Caique Freitas



I was gonna make a popsicle but now I wanna buy one of yo kittehs!

Lena Van Burgel

Im so sad that its all coconutmilk. Cos Im allergic to coconuts :/// love the vid though

Mohammad Tayyab

He is looking like Asian

Jonah Matthews

True true

Sonny Digital

Who is watching in 2017?

Jackelyn Ramirez


Abrar Ahmed Abyeaz

Humanity is to care about other humans doesn’t matter white or black not even 0.001%


i caught a crab once....


I can barely ice skate!


Ok but german dubs...

Martha Rojo


zerks 101

fancy round 1How you remind me round 2Work round 3

Jamyis Dobbins

Gru thank you for showing me your channel I like your content I think your the best gaming secret youtubers I ever saw

After the video: Magnolia...........(Googles Magnolia tree)

Michelle K

Who’s panda🙄😂

P.s. very heart touching story😢❤