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Yo who else went insane when they saw Spock?


I don't undertstand having an open relationship. I just don't think it's right. Idk why, I just...don't.

Razor Jayd



When spawnpeek goes too far


My dad is the justifier all day


Damn I love your vids! Its edited very well and topic of easter eggs is great anyway, but you made it to perfect! Keep it up man, you're awesome! ♥

Vanaja Boddu

Cody is the captain but Tylor is the leader

Rey Martinez




Oh wow I thought he broke up with you. I'm so sorry that happened he's in a better place now❤️

Bēs Smāā 0609 Elf SJ

So she didn't take the dog with her :/ poor dog :(

Bigc Gaming

That's messed up how the wife is cheating on the husband

Andreas Will



Where the voices added in after filming

manex Salsamendi


Om Patel

in this video panda is coby, so this counts as a win for him


0:36 black ops 2 taxi driver robot CONFIRMED?!?!?!?!?!?!


The symptoms of BPD given here are very similar to the symptoms of CPTSD, which I think is a far more legitimate classification than BPD. I hear that often, people with CPTSD are improperly diagnosed as having BPD, probably because CPTSD is a much newer concept in psychiatry. This doesn't mean that every case of BPD should be reclassified, but it does show that we should be noting the effects of long-term exposure to abuse and other traumatizing events as being very different from the effects usually seen after a person is severely traumatized by a single event.

mark banes

2:48 the old new drake

What Are You Fucking Gay

Rip big black

TheCool Guy64

longest shot

Cheerleading is Life

Damn that's actually my favorite app


Sure thing you can always say


It’s a shame that in America schools are killing creativity

Pvt. Alan (MW2)

Rizza Joanne

My period starts 3 months ago and it lasts 3 months ago also

Makayla Sejkora

You can definitely put a chameleon in a box!

Diego Davis

No wonder why he passed it on the one yard line😂

Ami O

A beautiful red head boy




@corycotton no


Atiny I'm so proud of you Congrats 4M let's all work harder even more let's get it

Corey Martinez

Sucks to see they never put women in these 💀😂

Carter Beauchamp

So cool! Me and my brother wish we could go on that.

Molly Picon

everyone is beautiful in their own way

Rachelle LV

Same that happened to me to my brother said my granpa died

Ben Shanks

do it ty

XXXTenticals Ngga

I drank water

Julius Klein

are those easter eggs real? because i dont believe it is

Royce Cabanada

bro this was amazing not a copout. Eastereggs inside easteregg videos. thats quality and effort you need to be recognized for.


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I saw Ewok Adventures when I was really young and I thought (I'm a teenager now) it was all a bunch of weird dreams.



Kawaii Kitten

Hi, Im Mary.And i belong to the secure family. My parents love me so yea.. 😁

Aivaras Kriaučiūnas


Carcharodon Carcharias XVIII, Ruler of the Seas

Christmas special?