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Darrell Nelson

Your are dumb #Warasska


Cool story

Vukašin Milanović

Mislim da su kul.Ostavite lajk ako mislite da sam upravu.

Shem Greenwood

I would totally buy a Tijuana Piranhas jersey.


Ugh Homophobes are soo oppressed 😢😢😢😭😭 anyway apply for clown academy

One Hit Destroyer

You guys have a DOG??!!

Varalakshmi Kunku

It is cool

Ryan Barnes

Wow that was a bad poooooooop that I just had

Tele vision

Thx for vid now i know steps.

The One

8:10 nice transition

ba ko wiklauri

we love you ty you are so amazing but i have 1 question. are you guys gonna comein georgia? pleas tell my


Why aren’t these guy on a team

Wizio Jr

The Flipper


now I’m scared these thoughts are going to take over my mind

Jake Collins

Sail boat

Sczrpix Tutorials

My dog hates me. “Ramona! Come” takes 6 years to actually open her eyes when I do call her for going outside runs as fast as she can and starts barking and moving so much I can’t even put the leash on I grab food death stares me I’m sad gets as far away from me as she can and yes my dog is on my pro pic.

Isaac Kim

318. Until MRB2 when Ty’s did the exact same thing


Are you so thirsty?


kevin kembau

Anyone in 2019 mei??

Alexander Dimitrov

u said bad word

- Spooky Ghost -

It's okay my mom has that too..

JD Pro Gamer

I would love to have a drone like that! Especially race with one!

Omg Aaronboy


Her bro didn't do his Spanish lesson,he was playing with toys so duo sent the guy to remind him

LegendaryJeff Gamez

Hey Mr.beast I would really want to be in your 20,000,000 challenge please

Aidan Burley

It would be impressive if not all of the dunks were performed with the trampoline. Im 6'1 and i can dunk. Im not half as athletic as any of those guys

FAIQ sadiq

Make fortnite movie

Casian Ciuclea

Dude perfec super duper ulta gameplay

Epic Jairel

The people must be thinking that your all crazy

Ciara Williams

Tyler is always the rage monster LOL 😂

Ella Cerkoney

I have a type of OCD called grammatical pedantry syndrome. I always see every grammar mistake and correct people on their own mistakes mentally, The mistakes that make the most mad are the confusion between your/you're, their/they're/there. and "me and ___" instaed of "____ and I"

Multi Franz


john genesis umali

"Haha his jeans are backwards!"

Lily Potato

i tried telling my dad but he just got mad. its not as easy as you think i never tell my parents anything anymore because im scared their gonna think im just a disappointment , so whats the point..? ive already started to cut myself, conflict self harm, food disorder , and even cut my own hair.. i give up



Dallas Flowers


samin club

Garrets baseball fall was the best😂😂😂😂😂😂

Matthew Chen

i feel sorry for whoever setting up the cups. there is about 60!

Reagans Room

I don’t have depression but I don’t shower for 2 weeks cause I’m tired, bored, and I would rather lay on my bed eating an watching youtube😂😂


Todd from key of awesome?

Victoria Ortiz

Guru! I love your channel, man. You never fail to amaze me :)

Nikolaus Boos

4:48 the boys in my class xD

_becky _ym

The Misterss is such a bitch and the Hausband is a asshole she did the best that this asshole is mit a Part of their Family anymore



Broman Clusterfield



I have all call of dutys :)


Do you ever just say to yourself while watching guru's vids "How did I miss that?!"