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the fusion cores in the last ester egg is for a gun you get from a story mission in the oringnal game



Gacha Tale

Her mom is worse than people in bloxburg who swear at you and threaten to report you when you block them for going into your house.



Guilherme Frascati

Wow! This is amazing! This action its so beautiful! Simply amazes me !

Ethan Hallock


Uncle Harold

next sport should be AFL... Australian football league

sonte fores

Even though hoppers story is cliched it’s still really sad

❤️❤️❤️❤️Btw if u do have cancer you’ll make it just don’t give up hope!!


2018 !!! Still good!!! Please a Remake!!!!

E: oh yeah ur right I'm the one with the baby blue porche 😂


Kinda lame, for the "slowmoretry" they used footage from a failed attempt (guy on the quad isn't wearing his cap) but it's a pretty nice shot.

Younus Mansoor


Vad nej

Yall getting mad at a drawing

ATFox4 Plainkid

3:07 That just Kills me!!🤣🤣

Tayla wilson

Anyone watching on the 15

AJ Ruwet

Lacrosse stereotype


Three player? Almost every other cooperative game out there is four player. That means that every regular gaming group is four players.

Farhan Qureshi

Do a soccer battle


This is so planned


when you bust a nut, but she keeps sucking 0:50

Sarah Colombin

"How dare they to do this to me?"


Local man too happy to die

Damian Gaitan

You should do a cod ww2 easter eggs when you have the chance

Mizter Meschie

How old are you? Not a child predator.

Caleb F

*sees video length

Bethani Walker

I do not get how that baby survived, I barely survived being 2 months and 2 weeks early. And yes I was born that early

Samuel Flores

Sponcer by great value

Eli Fun Station

I love the rage monster

Half Elite

Who’s watching in 2038?

Matthew Gut

I like planes. That 737 was the best part of the video. I wish I could sit in the cockpit!!


what is the name of the song at the end of the video

TriUnion Films

I can barely ice skate!

Octopie Boss

dont hurt panda


Didn't you already made a minisode onBattlefront? Why didn't you add these to the other minisode to make it a full episode?

Bear McBear

Sweet Star Wars Battlefront gameplay at the end.

Dipa Lama

oh my goodness

Half Of The Universe is Gone

Kariman Batam

ko trik lemparan boomerangdude perfect orang indonesia


the cool guy

Brave panda ☺️👌👍🐼


The first 54 seconds of this video is them arguing

William Fanslau

2019 Anyone?