Forex Strategy : GBP/JPY Fibonacci Breakout (EASY & CONSISTENT!)

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KJ Gamiongs

Lol this is in the future and they are still using the oculus go

Benn Uchiha



Jason Vorhees doesn't use a chainsaw why do i always see stuff like this? D: Jason uses a Machete...

Jonathan Pfitzinger

Like if you saw the HOLD MA DIIIIIICK!!!!!!


Is this what it is like to be rich and have a kid?? I'd have 20.

Bel Ickiewicz

💖 your videos, what spray tan are you using if you are using one?

Taylor Carnes

This is so awesome and I know who the monster is that Elsa saw. SPOILER ALERT IT'S MARSHMALLOW THE MONSTER THAT ELSA CREATED

Amina bee

I suggest removing the hand cuz it's so distracting and annoying

Who me?

Kristi Bullock

Why des Tyler get to do all the cool stuff?

Isaiah Vance

the wind pushed the ball but there real

Ivke _07

What the fuck in 3:43

ZeRo.To.HeRo And King Agar

Me and my friend we love you guys so much we have looked up to you since second grade, we always do trick shots at my park and some day we would like to meet some new people like us that look up to you. Thank you for what you do and keep doing it<3

Mark Priolo

#YAIYjob Keanu Reeves: we have a city to burn

Cash Walrus

Nice vid fgt


The dog is so cute 🐶🐶🐶🐶


they need to be Quarterbacks in the Nfl

Divan Keyter

do a dp stereotype video plz


Damn I want this game soo badly but I can't afford it.. :(

Denny Law

Aaron Rogers is what made this show good.


Gettin' numba one video.

Nathan M

FunWithGuru in Zelda if you shoot the other window a guard bitches at you and throws a bomb at you


Link.. You tool!!

n In ur birthday.....😢


MOB not MOD :)


What does him being handsome have anything to do with this?

Hi It’s JEFF

Dat fish got big booby bongos


True winner Is Garret cuz you know who Is a dirty camper


The white write "pretty fly (for a white guy)" i think is a citation of an offspring's song called "pretty fly (for a white guy)"

Baby Shark

nice job guys

Crazy Lazy Laci

This remind of my schizophrenia episode:

Mr.Somethin Somethin

Sooo I live in a cold wasteland annnd I swim in 38 degree

Alex Mak

One like one win for coby(and one subscriber till seeing who panda is)

Dequandre Lee-Kemp

Number im so fancy

Cody Charron

this video seemed kind of scripted the way it all played out

fever with me

Nice cobi


Has anyone notice the end timestamp is 7:47 a easter egg of its own.


Congrats bee's parents, you made your child one of the most hated children


In love with the song Guru and as always good quality videos keep it rollin :D

Zara Zaza20

Through out this video all I think about is