FOREX TANZANIA - Jinsi ya kuingiza orders za forex sokoni (KISWAHILI), scalpking

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"shut the hell up you lousy mutt"


THE fly out

This is a short version of my story. My comment will probably drown in the sea of other comments, but I don’t care. I just wanted to make this for some reason. :>

Starry Skies

oh my god that is fricking awesome i love portal


I feel dorry for vikk tbh

Hannah R.

Whoever watches this I hope you all understand that smoking is bad and can cause death. Kids please don’t smoke 🚭


No one looks at the easter eggs in the image as designed....

Kratos : "What?"

Alicia Lopez

Guys why cant we see panda without the panda costume

Iron Man vs Thanos

Henry Soupios

Everyone! DP won, SO DID COBY!!!

Legend of Zelda 33

0:52 shirt says it all

Furkan Demirtas

Best youtuber

Ad-guy 1

is it just them or am I imagining things!!

Sofia Rios

I want to say that my softball coach called me bipolar because I threw one one bad ball cuz the sun was in my eyes I just want to tell you this cuz you are and I feel like you're true because there's some people actually have it and you can't just assume it by seeing other people do it I'm sorry that you are you are bipolar

fun tv

I subed

CSD Jacky

the words on the sign:

Pastel Diamond

Girl at least u are still alive

Gabby Games!

Nice drawing

a little Mochi with a Kookie and Tae

Me a few days after my period: looks inside the little box in the bathroom where you put pads and tampons after you're done using them

Emily Tao

I knew because the picture at the beginning 😝

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@logan boyland thanks