Forex Technical Analysis on EURUSD and USDJPY

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Y u make dis depressing

Christopher Vick

Stores can't even give these things away in 2019 lol


This is amazing.

Pepsi is Blue

Holy shit thats a big ass roach

Kindall Benjamin

That's what the END OF THE WORLD looks like. LOL 😜😜!!!

Lite Brite

they forgot one. the body he picked the up the firefly pendant from, that couldve been a hint to being indiana jones, since he is tge modern indiana jones


Name it something that starts with a D so its LSD

Jack McLoone


Cody Breig

i do hope yui

Drina Kush

Angels exist 💕💕💕💕💕

Elijah Tyler

thanks for the captions

Charlton Mason

this woman is a contender, vicious and unstoppable.

Shayla Martin

Did he rip the gym floor or was it fake?

Owen Chow

Sometimes it is about the setup and sometimes it is about the skill

Pineapple HD

Victoria says keep it a secret

jewelcat_ 11

1:16 can you see elsa in the background? Kristof took Anna away when her sister seemed to be in danger or something..and about what Elsa's past is about, I don't know what's happing. this is driving me CRAZY       At least we get to know the number 1 question...WERE DID ELSA'S POWERS COME FROM?

Sao Kid

But the ditto does get details wrong. It’s like the copycat woman’s ditto. It gets the face wrong which is why when it was human, to avoid attention and others suspecting it to be a ditto or a fake, it where’s sunglasses cause it got it wrong still

Faran Mohammed

U better come to Miami swope in like 30 min!!!!

This is not Lucky



I talk for a bit at the end of the video for those who still don't know what I sound like.

Dwayne Tulk

Those are a bit small