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Mahuya Roy

panda is the best

hannah Han

sexisim 😱😱😱

fiona blackhall


Tim Petrycki

chicken nuggets


Oh shit ! 😱 This song is So so so good this makes me wanna stan. I don't want to stan rookie Ok i'm too old to stan them 😂😂i'm 95 liner

Lenny Meinen

I got s10+ but i got no credit card :(

Joshie Bear

Oh boohoo - overpaid athlete gets shoved by old man.. After swan diving into two ladies and nearly knocking her unconscious.

Luis Guillen Bazan

Mi amor fue real pero siempre lo arruino

Rohan Bhuyan

tyla looks like Lil bit Wiz khallifa isn't it...

Peter Pavlík

wow it works on android

Tanish Patney

3:13 i started dying of laughter

Sonam Rabgay

Tony is the type of guy who listens to the whole question just to pass it to cowboy. 😂


"WHO WANT'S TOAST!!!" i do...


none of the lord of the flies references are an easter egg at all, the connection is even told to the player in the game so its not a secret at all. the six million dollar man bionic sound isnt an easter egg either its just a sound effect they decided to use because it made sense.


"THE" Slenderman made me chuckle

Light-ting ch

you smartest

ToXiC S02

0:57 my heart Team Flamengo ❤️

Joaquin Hernandez

0:25 is very hard to do

iTz Kyle HD

yes only for single player though

Moises .m

make it free

Genmahaolal kuky

1:42 weedy Gonzalez is gonna win today..😂🤣

Brulkin Von Randerkrut Crusher of Skulls

Actually... since you get one skill point a level starting at level 5, math proves that, well, he's cheating. I don't care either way, I'm just saying.


Short but Good

juhdndhdnejdbdndbxjdbrbhdhdbd T

Look at 5:16 in back round

Crazy Gamer 4LB

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its christopher mintz plase's. go watch the far cry live series on machinima

Gamer Rift

Black mask is in the third game.

GGO- Baby

Do a 24hour box fort

Pinky Naresh Kumar

Dude you are perfect

Daniel Roberts

Everyone's talking about how weird they all look and completely ignoring the fact that the whole thing looks like an on rails shooter. It looks more like a VR game than a full title.

Ched Beckford

Shut down Kd and stoeh and kay each get 30. Kd won't force it

Julie Bieenchen

Thanks Guru for all this great content ^-^ love your videos

Roadside Romeo

How many gold medels u have guys???

Queen Faith

Did anyone peep Patrick Star in the background?


The cardboard chickens on a stick=my reaction=...wat?

Gacha_ IsLife

Crap.... YOU JUST SAID MY DAILY LIFE PLAN :D (I’m not really depressed it’s a joke I only have one of these and it’s the not focusing one)

Tortured Soul

is it just me or is this story time really idiotic and insensitive.... she used the wrong words


This is mean


@thisiswhyimhot238 lol... calm down... i made one mistake and you call me "a dumb fuck". i dont see what i did to make you so angry...

CYA gamer

Great video!

Chaunai DeLoach

y'all should do Russell Wilson or cam newton

Mr Mushroom

meow meow meow :D cats cats and cats

Kelvin Andrade Goes

There is a part right at the beginning of the game where the Flamethrower guy appears outside the lodge with a huge knife, resembling Jason Vorhees


You should go tothe beachandhave asand ballbattleand sandcastle battletogether andwho ever wins I will beon yourteam forever

Julien Chavez

The sad thing is that I understood all of these....

om_gamer 1971

this game is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooool