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The alien under the bridge me and my friends got a full prober look at it using the North Yankton glitch online about 2 months back before it was patched and we tried to figure out if it was a graphics glitch or are heads messing with us but some times it seriously looked like it blinked but we though rockstar wouldn't put that in since it is really only available in the story and you get about 5 seconds max to look at it

Stay Calm And Keep Your Love For BTS On Their Vids Not These Kinds

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Your videos are amazing! I don't know how do people do not like your videos and see Fake or bad explained easter eggs


Greetings from PL! Great quality as always :3

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Your voice makes the video better! Keep up the good work m8!

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Wow. Everyone in the comments thought this was a break up story at first. Even me!


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make another ASMR video pls as soon as possible and love the channel

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Life of Ava

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