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Duaa Ahmed

Her friends name is bs......

sandip ghosh

sandip ghoshcool pros

I also have to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts...

malaz abdelrahim

Congrats coby👏👏👏

Jeune Landing

The rage monster makes me cry because he is 🤣

Hashbrown 4life

In conclusion, I now know



Scott Eichelberger

I live in West Virginia

• The guy who looks in the stands the whole game looking for the lady’s

May Flower

...Why is her name Absence? That’s nearly as bad as naming your child Abcde.

Fort Nite

Team Cory all the way

jose gaitan

How many times she said i was safer in the street

Tanq L

Who else feels like this is fake? xD Like if you do

sharla Batangan

My mom passed when she was 54 from cancer

Have faith things will get better.

Yolo Bruh

I remember when me and my girl skipped school because she wanted to spend as much time with me as possible cause she knew her parents were never gonna let us see each other. One day they found out about us and my girl left her house to live with me. It’s been 7 years sense then and we still growing strong.


Yes with text its better, no offence tho. :D

Skylar Willow

This is so sad I feel bad for you

ice_wallow come

Kuz wearing ovo kuz to Toronto confirmed

Giorgi Vacharadze

why ty have +2?

The Chatterbox

Jersey Archambault

Yea I tried



Soild_ Idenify

Do a logo battle

Rida Jan

Did no one see when alaïa threw up on the phone 1:53


So basically, other magic???? Exists????? And also there’s,,,..,,,, giants????? Rock man puts new meaning to Elsa’s life and they go to a special forest????

Not only that but I was always second to my little brother, trying and pushing to prove my self-worth to her. Because despite all she did I still wanted her to love me, I still wanted those hugs and kisses from her. She was my mummy after all.

Torri Pines

This is so beautiful


I’m that gurl who makes 8 stories at a time

Lazy Bois

Purple hoser


Are you going to upload Octodad Dadliest Catch(what ever its named?

Ervin Gaming

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You haven't got soccer stereotypes :( keep it up guys nearly 40mil



Jake Schotman

Ty's dad

How does one come up with the idea and puts connections here and there about some random numbers? wow. I'm impressed. :D

Kevin Samuel

Its ok tobe ur self❤

bym destroyers

Awhh it's a shame you're finished this series, you never did the easter egg/investigation of Dunwich Buildings in the game Fallout 3, now that place is filled with easter eggs and is as scary as shit.