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Berat Emini

why the fuck you start with the stupid fucking bullshit "our ancestors bla bla bal" like are you fucking serious just explain the shit don't be ape

Jaylee Jenkins

Im so sorry for your loss Jeffree 😔😟

Kawaii Ships

Mike we love u 💚😞


Tjard Hamming

Autumn 2016, you guys made it pretty far

john deleon

what about the anarchy symbol in Pawnee

i was so surprised, and i told my friend, heart still beating heavily. Flying on a cocaine spaceship Money

Rexy The dinosaur

I was eating popcorn 🍿

Andrés Arroyo

que cool. hajw echáis si sus ksbsbw .

João Victor Bruch

oi sou brasileiro

Shadow Screamer


oh nvm

Luke S.

U should do it of the Statue of Liberty. That shot was flipping Awsome!


This was posted on my 7th Birthday Lol


that room at 3:25 is fucking creepy what's up with all the pictures of babies in the middle of the triangles and a mini tank a teddy bear a boy inside a crib and a giant rat under the stairs is that some kind of symbolism it's fucking weird that room is Illuminati out.

Jk Just kidding

Cowboys are the best football everrrrrr there from Texas how can they not

Colton Gregory

Move off the coast. Problem solved I want my medal.

The Mlg Pyro

Shadow Of The Coleuses x Disney?

Transylvanian Farmer


Antoine Vialar

D'ou tu vole la nouritures des requins

Sad ducks fan31

Where the heck is hockey