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the next battle should be a building contest in minecraft

Daphne NET

Who else had to fight their tears when watching this😭

Susanna Sevander


Doge boi

LGBTQ are the most discusting, ignorant, idiots.

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Do you know Lebron James because he plays in the NBABECAUSE he is my favourite player because he playsFor my favourite team which is clevland Cavaliers


Easter egg in medal of honor warfighter

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It Drives Me Crazy When A Game Or Skmething Is Even Or I Have To much clothes on roblox So To Much Clutter Drives me Crazy

Benny Boy

gets boring after the 10 time

rachel elliott

Why did you start YouTube?

Zykemian Durham

Kansas city with tyriek hill

Lucas Stoodley

I am a boy watching this my cousin said getting kicked in the balls hurts and my cousin had a baby 3 years ago and she said it felt like a watermelon coming out of her you know what

Hype Slump

Made it through the storm they didn’t think I was gon Prevail

Mahesh Sangam

What a rc car jump Cody you are the best

Pedro Hernández

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You Can't Say Kingston Doesn't Love You

No way is my man Guru from da ends

Goot Wayz

J.Will rockin Da Baby turtle neck 😂😂😂😂😂

Mr. U kno who

Fav 1 by far

Jonathan Watson

The amount of likes this gets is how much money Dude Perfect spend on the Rage Monster.

Daniel Hansen

@steelfist43 cuz they think its fake. i dunno really

Dyl Pickle

You should make a motercicl trick shot episode


Tyler Johnson

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Well this turned dark literally the first few seconds 😳


Oh man anxiety is like having wearing socks but stepping in water


@madison thurman me and my friends made that like 2 years ago its called kid perfect his channel is likeaboss241

gives me conniptions

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2.08 the statue was moving


Great videos dude keep up the good work

Archer Coy

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Joby Eisenberg

what song is this

Jack Shehadi

everthing was dope

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Matt Lawrence

Yo who watching in 2018

Caramel the guinea pig

Check out 6:47


Kratos : With the infinity stone, half of the god will be dissapeared with the snap of my finger

My thoughts on this open relationship is why don’t your parents just remain good friends and co-parent while being in a relationship with their respective partners. That just seems way easier to me.

Sarah Curran

I know how you feel 😭

Michael Oakes

I love FIFA it is mike son johan

bright light inside of you

I don't have anxiety but I sometimes feel the same as anne feel I understand how that feels

Dara Oengchan

At a swimming pool


Julie Lee



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XxPixel WarriorxX

Vikings sock

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zachary samuel

The scariest thing about this is that this isn’t a story from our future...



Dr. Dank

Has anybody else noticed that the jump from Halo reach to halo four is complete shit LOL especially with the hunters they lost all their polygons

Владислав Калинов

What's the music in this video?