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Bella Jonhson



I eat 3000g of meat a week

Midnight Studios

Producer: Do you want a lambo or a nice watch


How are you not gonna have Lisa the painful in this video lol

movie mania

You should make bike trick

Internet Browser

1. Connie should have been Guillermo in a wig

Jonasia Blount

I had gotten mad at My mother today and after seeing this,I regret thinking negative about her....

Comment for Adidas

Arkin: And the name is Maserati

Gamer Kid

NIT stands for NationalInvintation

Keith Amolar

"Panda trusts us like a brother"last episodeTyler: throws ball at pandas facePanda: falls to the ground


everyone is talking about how sexy Noel is but will yOU LOOK AT CHODEY OH MY GOD


All Easter eggs I’ve never even heard of, awesome

Juliana Aridelhe

Ansiosa ♥️

Eddie Mattinson

The rowing boat

jackie alvarez

Thank you for the info


Season 4 of Black Mirror is loaded with easter eggs and connections to other episodes, so here's a handful of my personal favourites. I've been watching Black Mirror since it first aired in the UK and it's been one of my favourite shows ever since my fake Prime Minster porked a pig. I'm still pretty divided on this season a week after watching it so I'm curious what you all thought about it. The lack of thematic variety this season got a little tiring so maybe it's better watched individually rather than in a binge. Anyway, I hope you guys liked the video and thanks for watching!

Shavonie Gordon

I'll be miss my funky amigo 😏

Xavier Nelson


 mink coat