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3:15 Bradley's gang, I guess?. In the wall. They appeared in the third interlude in the book.

André Silva

The alarm sound is from a U-boat, but that is not the U-Boat mission

Joseph Mdza

"We lost"

Jake Guess

I believe I may have found metal gear solid 5 Easter egg, it's graffiti with the word who? and a skull face. anyone who has played metal gear solid 5 would know of skull face and his famous whoooo?

Gurley Fan

Y’all straight ripped this from ItsYeBoi

Nasih Faisal

Hmm.. Ok spoilers for DAI on Cassandras personal quests, Anyways

Skoopy Speleton



Your Easter eggs are awsome 🐱


Were speaking mods here, im talking about the game itself.

Havri Horse

Hey Guru, not sure if you will see this, but just out of curiousity, do you think this series will interfere with your Video Game Easter Egg uploads?



VisionPulseNinja Official

I wasn't talking to u dude perfect talking to the trash talker

And it would still be the same

Queen Kamie

I’m 32 and appreciate you talking about the stigma around “mature”

Standing Cat

Before going to jail. He also sucks.He's a 67 overall in madden.

Shalina Rizal

I love this song the beat is on point and the lyrics 😍 It just appear in ads and as I was about to skip it the beat caught my ears and I end up listening to it and after the ad I've search the KQ Entertainment😅


"am i a bad person for not supporting the lgbt community" yes. you are. homophobia is a sin. you're going to hell.


Are you using any graphics mod for witcher 3?

Victoria Hugues

Just take this down

Lauren Victoria

never be ashamed of who you are💗

Stealer Hunter

I wonder what they do with the beads

Eric J. Lojkar

im pretty early, follow my instagram @ericlojkar 😂💯

Chimble, Master of Chimney

you left out the part when it changes to naked snake and ocelot fighting, thats an easter egg\ reference to MGS3

Siong Beng Low


Zephora Zonum



Keep it up..GuruKid

Obsessively Compulsive

🤣 HA! Bitch, good luck with that.

Kamran Adil

Make trick shot video on toy air gun🔫 plz

Skullcrush 13

Bullying really changes who you are as a person in primary school I was bullied simply because I was different over the years it slowly turned me into a heartless, angry, violent, insecure and depressed human being. He always say sorry after he called me fat...and for a fact,i'am fat T-T


that was sick, it would be funny to string all of the missed ones and speed it up and then at the end put the one where you make it in slow motion :D

Arwin Cabbuag

Dp can you give me baoat rc

Sona Puri


Jack light paints

Stop panda abuse

This channel is a joke.

gasp “the jerk! Criiiiinge!” Ooooof. Yeah cringe is right.

Bailee Jane

I feel like Jen was extra gay un this video. Probably because of her hands

Its tocman

0% machismo

toby Stephenson

I am a your tickets pursuexxxx😀😀😁😁😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍

Miggy Vendiola

Ha sotpit JP noon tyler

Phuong Doan


Top Shelf BAKER

Damn she’s a goddess 🔥


Cody's nickname is codes

Yuma Kuga

We honestly need to have non-DB games. DB is so old, it's so repetitive, the only difference is the games throughout the years have better quality gameplay and graphics.