FULL DAY WITH a SUCCESSFUL DAY TRADER (Traders Lifestyle Documentary 2019)

Zed takes you on a full day with him while he talks day trading and making successful day traders while travelling in London, this is the lifestyle that you should expect as a day trader and that's is the truth when it comes to day trading. Zed Monopoly Instagram is @ Simplyzedd3 in 1 Stock course real day traders lifestyle trading tutorial for beginners


You forgot the egg

Sho H

Omg love love love your makeup today!

Audra Jones

Oh man I love this show


"check urself before u shrek urself"

Jeremiah Knoll

Purple. Hoser for the win

Joshua Anderton



*Notch ( sorry to be a grammar nazi Im a big Minecraft fan )

StlBelle H

I mistakenly thought this was a video about fetal alcohol syndrome. Especially since they included eyes in the title.


This still doesn’t explain anything do



Theo Dawber

Is it me or is a bowling ball better than me at the piano 🎹


This was awesome -in bed.

Mark Myers


Alexis Domingo

the stuntdoublelooks a lot the real version of panda

ToCoolForSchoolKids 24hour

Ty and pool stereotypes

Josh Ferrer

I can't wait to see Frozen II on November. ❄

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goreala ghost


Atlanticus ウルトラ Creeper

Player1 got killed struck by a lightning.

Zhong Kelven

Can you Racing with an one wheel please?

Emilia Catone

Congrats Garret

I feel like a butterfly whose drunk and disordered,

SodaMay Jones

Omg this is horrible! What if she felt so bad that she killed herself? Then how would that dumb dumb bubblegum bastard feel.


Even the piano easter eggs feel like they're deliberate to Max's storyline. Awesome.

it said" idi nahui"


These videos are awesome! Good job:)

Kowmai Design

hmmmmmm sound like elon musk


Funeraria Romero prolly has to do something with George Romero  , famous for his zombie movies.

ahmad alharbi

easter egg at 3:51

Zach Welborn

Your talent is a gift from god😀

When The Music's Over

0:55 "That rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide. It's a killer!"

Virág Várkonyi


it's vaggos21


Your mom is a strong woman..


This could honestly be my dad. I refuse to talk to him, it's been 6-7 years now and he refuses to apologize when he leaves messages. Just tells me to tell my. Brother he loves him.