Future - You Da Baddest (Official Music Video) ft. Nicki Minaj

"You Da Baddest" Available at iTunes Music2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment with A1 / Freebandz#Future #YouDaBaddest #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #NickiMinaj

Lorraine Rodriguez

This made me cry

Daisy McMahon

Such a handsome boy💛💛💛

Sonja Vojnov

Great video you guys are the best

BUT IF YOUR LIFE A GOOD -have free healthcare America

Pedro Witz

I'm a simple man

Drew Lashuk

Cool video


Oh yeah yeah


Bad beard bad bad beard so bad

Jonathan Thomas

Great video, as always, Guru :) I love the time and effort you pour into each video (the jumpscare notices, the movie clips, etc...) and you are one of my favourite YouTubers. 

Sisandza Simelane


crazy8boy 145

Everyone tries to just crack jokes in youtube comments nowadays what a shame

Still a better love story than Twilight

Fluffy Boi

I don’t know why people say there ugly. HONEY YOU ARE THE MOST CUTEST PERSON EVERR.

Random Commenter

Soooo anyone notice how Peter obviously thought otto octavius was the head scientist? Like it has the same bowl cut and round glasses? As almost a nod of him thinking doc oc had to be one way but then finding out it was the other to nod to any viewer paying attention?

Vikram Mishra

My old game

Srestha Chakraborty

Tingles, tingles and more tingles. Brrr.

Qalb chattha

😭 ooooo

Dorito lover

The lord has brought an angel

Decki Kwok

of all the character models, Rinoa looks the worse.

Wyatt Beast

Tyler is so annoying


Honestly, i really love how you make your videos, how you give us the chance of see the point and then play the video again and stop to show us where exactly is, keep doing that way, really love your videos.


Thank you for understanding my life as small human

Francesco Bongiovanni

minnesota vikings or redskins

Daniel McCarthy

Lets be honest, cody destroyed coby in all ways, even being there he beat coby lol

Icey _

MLM kinda vibes

zuhaib khan

I mean taler

Ashton Lozano

Team coby all the way