FX Fundemental Creation ( NZD CPI )

NZD CPI was murdered using Market Direction Strategy // SHAYA // #webackandbetter

Ghiles Loubar


Armour Shaw



Ahhhh Storytime youtuber:


I never had bubble gum, but I had gum.

Marcus Hall

Yes it is hard becuae my mom died of heart canser it was so reslly sad becuase i was only 2 or 1 and she died in my arms while she slept agenst me

Nick McNeil

Wow. this is really sad. how can you go from falling on your butt trying to get on a ramp to hitting the basket in 1 shot? This is clearley fake


2:48 Love how the flag is blowing at one direction, while the wind is blowing another direction xD

But i was never sad..i was...ugh...

Madison Donaldson

What do you expect when you don’t support people for loving people?

Addie Elliott




Rodrigo Manzanilla

Break it down bitch xdxd


7:56 does anyone else look at that and think of Eddsworld

Karigen Benavides

#doitforthegram play fortnight on the looking glass

2: nobody could have known that she was the one crying in the bathroom stall. normally, if a stranger’s crying, the person who finds them comforts the upset person. even in middle school, where everyone’s a mean asshole.

calvin jones

man y'all are so good 


Serge to Guillermo: How hungry are you?

xXslateXx pro

Tys dads beard is... Odd

I need help In life

Do hockey trick shots


The sumo guys reaction was priceless lol

Marissa Crawford

Jari Sweep

to all overwatch the intro was ZARYA

Alfred Jonson

Who else is watching old DP videos in April 2019?

I love the "populair Kids" in my class their outfits..

TL is best

U dont know I have a friend he eat everythingI bring 3 bags chips party size everyone bring food normal but have a guy bring 1 chip small size 25% less fat but he everything my friends and have to eat 2 things and that guy eat everything. LOL

Quinten Dillon

Clearly Kyle got the money but Flight Club really finessed him with those FOG skylon ll’s. They still sitting online in almost every size for its retail price of $140

Kathy Pam

I got lord of the rings faster than Cory

Гергана Краева

Хора вие сте стрхотни .

jasmine oatley

This is so cool😄


ohh woow i saw back to the future 3 like 10 times maybe more because i never be tired to see this triology, best one by far in my opinion and i never saw that child doing that stuff. ahaha soooo good, now i wanna watch these 3 movies again.

If y

Jar ofdirt

I cant stand the first movie but I’m watching this one idc

flexorangecounty x

Is this Gloom ??