GBPUSD 4HR Swing Trading Strategy 💡

GBPUSD 4 hour swing trading strategy. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MOREThis strategy is used on GBP/USD only and is a 4 hour strategy.I have 3 exponential moving averages - I have a yellow 50 period,a red 14 period and I also have a shorter 4 period cyan/blue ema.I also have stochastics setup 13(K), 5(D) and 5 (Smooth).The stochastics acts as an initial filter so you go to the daily timeframe and you have to make sure that your per cent K (blue line) is below is the per cent D for a short position (or above it for longs) so you're not going against the broader trend on the daily chart.Once you have that you don't need the stochastics any longer.The next premise of the setup is to take the fastest moving average (in this case 4) - when the blue crosses the 50 (yellow) and then the 14 period red ema crosses as well then we go short.The stop loss is 50 pips and the target is a 150 pips.Of course you can adjust this setup to suit your strategy - this is a framework to build upon.

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