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Alex Telmanov

Who is here after World cup 2026 when Russia win against Brazil 1-0?


I’m a girl and ouch that is really painful 😖

Skilled Lover

Dumb girl just go tell police

Azure queen_of_doggos

I'm avoidant/secure and my crush is anxious sigh


I fuck sheep

KidChaos Playz

Now the 2018 Russia World Cup :/

Kawaii Productions

Break shrouuuuu!

I'm HallyuUmma

James!!!!! Looking good! Love you! Thanks for being you!

joshua garcia

I think it's coby

PD: love the far cry easter egg

Itzme kobra

Richard Sherman

Vaas Montenegro

Same with me

Anchor Gaming & vlogs


Gavin m

Why don't you go haha man

conner R

that block in the decoded pic reminded me a lot of a blok from Code Lyoko (Its a french anime)

jack frost

I'm tearing up I know exactly how she went through but I ate a lot and my parents are still together things calmed down but I still suffer for almost 10 years I get anxiety so bad that my body and brain shuts down I really need help I'm glad that my parents love each other now but I sometimes I still hear them fight I got diagnosed with anxiety when I said I was going to kill myself I went to the principal office and they brought 2 mental health doctors and I really had a anxiety attack to where I couldn't control myself then the school was about to send me to the hospital wearing a stray jacket I hate that school so much!!!!!! I wasn't the only one either.Then I got sent back home for the day and I went to daep for 6 weeks (best 6 weeks of school ever!!!) I thought I was going to get suspended or expelled it still gives me bad memories to this day!


Why did it go crazy with gir dry ice?

Ronney Zamora

At 1:16, If her real mom and brother are gonna be her guardian angels, does that mean they died?

niv shalom

the badass creper also drops a legendary named the longbow that shoots minecraf arrows

Travis Mimms

u idiot. pizza is not a refrence. just a spaw glich.


I live in Northern Ireland


And that's why I wear one piece wimsuits. But I wear sports ones or at least good looking ones😂

Alex TheWildcard

Lacrosse stereotype

jhon smith

Great video as always!!! Keep up the great work!!!

DenisdailyRBX Gg

I saw football dude perfect at target yesterday 0:27 on them say v bucks for fortnite?

Njerp Selmer

The ending is hillarios (sorry for spelling)))

Dr. Lupo

That cashier was probably freaking out after that high five from Kuzma!!!


Wow coby r colby had that opertonity to win Colby or clo by blew it

Saad Iyad

What is anxiety?

Elementary Stretched Players

Holy crap I never realized how good the battlefield Easter eggs are


I think I'm bipolar cause I always see Ender men's every we're and there was moonlord and I was fighting them inside a mall man how humiliting was that


Hit me.... I don’t want u to hit ON me with some cheesey pick up line I want you to HIT ME

Juan Trninic

by splatoon he had 666 fish eggs 😂😂