Gold digger & Proud

Stan ezen

Tall ass mofo

Abran Guzman

Team Coby suckaz

Chloe Ellis

"y e s"

Girl: she just wants attention!


Wait????Ty lost!

Henry Egbers

60 yard

Grace McBride

she isnt gone. she is with you because she loves you and you love her

Minamitiu 777

He just shines and the energy is just pure happiness😃😃😃

Ashley Colamarcoippk


João Pedro Accinelli

"Redrum" written on a dormitory's door, of Red Room of "The Shinning" (1980).


Ubisoft is cringe

Its_daboika1en !

A sea hawk is a name for an' osprey'


Saints ROW IV - That was gun from Man In Black. 

:the noob

Fábio Silva

the last easter egg its so funny ,I remember that when I played it was just trying to do the easter eggs

Tactical Toast

Forgot the walking pole massacre

Mama David

Di sini mana yang Indonesia



Tyler Fernsebner

Like horse the game

Jared Zarate



Lord of the Rings was too easy

Sammy Sosa


Roland Nagy

I wanted to say this :D

Transboi .Ashton

gurl don’t worry same

Gacha Girl

Did he dye his hair? Was he getting greys?


I love Aaron Rodgers

Akane Taiyo

Hahahahaha I'm so proud of my freaking country 😶

King Ghidorah

Times were tough for Uraraka Ochako


Was I the only one that relized that some of the sounds were 450 not those little 50

grey serrano

I wish kubz scouts was here

garret born

0 comments has to be a glitch


I’m allergic all furry animals (Rodents, hoved animals, cats, dogs etc). I usually just don’t touch them, and when I touch them Ive taken some pills. They don’t help a lot though. Soap (I have yet to figure out what in soap I’m allergic too), I just don’t shower that often with soap. Some greens, fruits and herbs. They aren’t really that terrible, my throat just gets really itchy from them. Some kinds of dusts and pollen. They aren’t really bothering me either, so I usually just ignore them. And some perfumes.

Anything With Joel


Raji Prabha

Please do a nerf war


Damn guru you are awesome!!


This reminds me of the Regular Show episode where they gave free tacos if you graduated high school and Rigby got pissed because he hadn’t passed

Rhidian D

What about "his name is Buck, and he likes to fu...."

Motheo Moagi

Team Coby

Boom Guy

So cool

AwesomeAshton's Squad

Leave a like for gar

Evan Grant

15:09 you should add drink 32 oz of viniger


There is also saving private Ryan in waw campaign

My Life

*looks at title*:eh


What would Juses do?

Quang Tran

What about your brother

Chris Miller