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Ayu Budiningtias

Oh God this girl is starting to annoys me. But I still love ur illustrations~


tfue mohamed

i suded and i notafcaion on

Caitlyn Wolfe

Me and my sister have both 8 and 9. Mostly 9 for my sister, she figured out she has celiac disease and randomly wanted too kill herself from what she has been telling me...

Shadow Screamer

panda or neither

tater tot

What about dart trick shots?

DrawTimeWithDaniel XD

DP you make the kid life wish before he fade away to heavon

Husky Land

It is horrible how they separated those kids

Harvey Anderson

oh my god its a mirror edge and


I don't fear death.I only fear not being able to live because I'm not strong enough,falling into the point that I'm merely surviving.

GEP Geckodile

I wonder if on the atari breakout the pictures where ever just tons of dicks...

Sari Alghamdi

Her: and we had no way to get out The dog matters yes, but let's not obsess over the animal and forget the horrible experience this girl is going through! Pray for the girl, not the dog!

SoViEt UnIoN

Didn’t you have around 20 years to keep applying for a visa? Becoming a citizen in the U.S is hard but you had 20 years to study and apply for a citizenship.

Because we would absolutely LOVE to see EVERYSINGLE part o fyour videos


Hey Guru, I just wanted to say that I've really been thinking about your videos lately. In fact I've been rewatching a lot of your old videos from the start of this channel, it brought back such a nostalgic feeling to me. What I'm saying is, your Youtube videos have almost like a specific direction, a direction yet to be seen in other Youtube channels. I am really enjoying what you upload and when you upload it. I truly think you are an artist and your video is your canvas. if you stopped making videos, I don't know what I would watch! have a good one pal!

Dank Humor

I cant even find a comment from 9 years ago


Proof that airplanes are weapons

Alex 110

13:57 owenmeckendry?

Elite Nerf Ops

where were you?