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s youtube chanel se

dude perfect is life

Miriam Davison

Garret: I'm gonna make a bold prediction. He ain't winnin'.

aqib alam

Your 39m subscriber are done bro good job,all the best

Nico Thomas

why does he not play quarterback for some college?!?!

Colin W


Soccer Sam

If you like poop like this comment

z zaheer

Dude perfect your doing great☺

I know it's adoptive parents but kinda looks like adopted

Jason Gutstadt

Who's watching when they get the "new" head quaters in 2017?!?!?


That is creepy. Good job guru

Dhruva Goyal

I really want rockstar to make an appearance XD

James Easley

I’ll pay nothing less than 20,000

Lps Faith

So.. ur Donald trump?

Adrian Playz

a different man



Leevi Huopainen

Do this whit patrik laine and austin mathews


yes I love this video finally going back in time to a World at War I can't wait for Battlefield

Cathleen Diaz

I love your bids and your shave Tyler



Down and dark where you go by gravity, Max no longer has his sanity.

Eli Renfroe

Tht was beats!!


My house

KJB Cancrii

Imagine if dude perfect broke up... What would we watch?!


He could probably make kawhi leonard laugh

GardenState Pusher

Shitt ass🤦🏽‍♂️

Jesse Addams

no sound in space

Yielding Business

Cory in the House is best anime.

Kevin Ge

I mean 2:20

11ven 2wenty7ven

That cough was so cringe... but the video was inspirational

Gamirel Sothrogar

Im not sure, but this in 2:22 isn`t easter egg, but mod, no?Because in that chest is a broken armor of Knight of the Nine and after looting this chest, ghost of last knight show up and test ur strenght...if i remeber that right.

Jared Rosales

Show you're face

Kaiu Zedler

cool but not safe