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pterodaktyl LoL

lance decker

anyone else satching this in 2018

Anj Pascual

read the title mom:No!

Mom !


The dynamic Explorer ꀭꍏꌗꀤꍏꃅ


Johann Gambolputty

Wow, Guru, that montage with the song though! So awesome. Now one does easter eggs videos better than You! You are amazing

Ryan P.

4:02 when Tyler said any other ly i said how about stupidly

Kayla Kinney

This is so Sad

Dragon Dana Player

Do not pick my video

Itachi Uchiha

But he can't play for the browns🏈💩💩💩

Winddragon Lundholm

I just clicked 'cause I realated to the girl in the tumbnail :(

Dude Per🏀⚽️

Simon Friend

Definitely one of my favourite DP videos in a long time! =]

Emily's Photography

someone make an hour video of family guy asmr🙌🏼

Sunil Shirshikar

I want to make a rocket need some help I don't know what rocket scienceis


I am just crying about this story! So beautiful❤️

Luna Fox

i have this girl whos the " wheres my cup" guy and she gets another cup after loosing the first one and cant find it, then repeats the whole thing.

Agent J

Kawhi did not shut down KD. KD was 3-3 for 3-pointer. Mad respect for KD to play even he was not completely healed. 👏👏👏

Noah Noah

🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳happy new year 2019

aviatorgaming jr

Why is ty always the rage monster

Taylor Thompson

PLEASE REMAKE FF 9 !!!!! 😍😍😍

Nathaniel Jandinero

This is 2019

Josh Powers

when ellie said "i am the brick master" i had to rewatch it cause i thought she said prick master


wait this channel is called "MINUTE VIDEOS"

Jhanvi Patel

Do you guys have Instagram?

Brady Devlin

life is like weather, it will change

Does she choose?!

Alexander Morgan

These guys are awesome.

Suzanne Scannell


Joshua Smith

Kuzma has the space stone.😁😁😁

Nathan Aceves

Hey gar you have tom brady you dont need aaron rodgers

Shobitha Balaji

3:07 suits him very well🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Pear Tree

dinner table=Red wedding. dumbass

Anthony Marzullo


Isaac Silva

Press 7 for some wierd hair scrubbing!


Wait, really? That's it? By how happy she seemed, you would've guessed he gave her a million dollar mansion or some shit.

Tesla Roadster

Whooooooohooooo go purple hoserEdit:oh wait

Sam Brown

Will coby ever win?!

Karma Karchungtsang

I'm a Coby supporter

Danielle Dan

Good story, now I can embrace my deafness! Better night sleep, saying the word shut up is never on my list, playing the drums, can fire gun without ugly ear muff, watch fireworks without sounds but can feel the explosion, good conversations starter (my white cochlear implants attracts people's attention), showing off my lip reading skills... sometime funny bad lip reading, ability to play instruments like anyone else can, best of them all is being annoying along with small children for fun! I would be like the best mom ever, like I would help calming the baby without hearing them cry. Playing recorder at the public bus to annoy them hell. Mehehe. Having social security at young age, rolling in money pile like no tomorrow... I got lucky I guess? Nah deaf people will get free money and almost anything free... ! Same goes to anyone with disability. Not a fake disability like depression, fat, and just lazy. (Oh yeah, many people aren't so bright say this stuff. So they get sympathy for no reason. Ugh, just some people...)

XxWolverinexX Avenger

Love? it's good

The Furry With no money

happy shroom will be happy