Historical Level of Price

Everything that happen in the past will soon repeat itself in the future, same goes in the financial market, it will always repeat itself and any level a price make a turn, please pay attention and ask yourself...why did price turn here...


I love my life too much to want to die

Alan The Deer

Im crying right now XD

Ajaykrishnan K

Cory's great in gaming battles


hey guru have you ever thought of doing a metal gear solid easter egg video?

craig krueger

what game at the end was that from?

Gilbert Aimee

he has Hila's nose

Christopher Deturris

Lil Skies killed it

b w


Kenley The girl with the hamster

Camping stereotypes

Caroline Maurer

u guys should do a girls lacrosse trick shot like if u think they should and i can teach them if they don't know how


You should have filled the sandpit with ants.


Its like detroit become human



Helder M

O cão é muito bem articulado

Good Vibes

Well, that took a turn. No one should have to go through this.

Daisy Anderson

Texas Roadhouse isn’t from Texas but they do a damn good job

Wolf Pack


Christina Desha

I think odell jr

Khriez zee

He can also see future

Aaron Myers

I think pandas going to win the race

liam2120 liam2120

I feel so bad for ty at the finnaly

The Raddest Ruddin

She did give in what are you talking about did she even listen to her own story?

evan6800 evan6800

card was ace of spades

Db Cooper

Rip the old guy😞


<3 thank you guru


101st soldier

West Virginia college to go to next

Luxdarls !

You have no idea how excited I am !! 🖤Can’t wait for this movie ... Frozen ❄️

The Spa guy


You garbage taste in music doesn’t fit 007 sorry

Janye Broadway

She is such a brat and ungreatfull...

Holly H


There isn't any bigger pain then seeing those in your family suffer ...

Mike Smith

first three chicks were tweakers

andrew theace

That's great, now focus on making some first party games to play on it...