Homeless Becomes Millionaire After Giving His Last $20

Even Homeless Man Can Became Millionaire when he givin last money! We learn from a young age that little acts of kindness are what keep the world running. For Johnny Bobbitt Jr., 34, though, an act of kindness did more than keep him moving from day to day. His own generosity inspired another person so much that it — and she — changed the course of his entire life. Kate McClure, 27, was driving from New Jersey to Philadelphia when she ran out of gasoline. She pulled over on Interstate 95 near one of the highway’s exits, alone, in order to brainstorms solutions to her problem. Just down the road was Johnny, who saw her as she stepped out of her car. Intent on walking to the nearest gas station, Kate was waylaid by a concerned Bobbitt Jr. Johnny encouraged Kate to stay in her car and lock her doors while he went to the gas station for her. When he returned with a can of gas, Kate realized that he had spent his last twenty dollars to fix her car and ensure that she got where she needed to go safely........

very ok human being

why is there a lot of hate in this video?

Nika Unicorn

OMG YES A HORSE! ❤🐎This is gonna be so epic i cant wait!

Memes: Hold my beer.

icy sapphy

Omg she wrote PEPPER pig


The begining sounds like a start of a new zombies round

together forever in Neverland

her: makes theories and talks about how the world is going to end because of uNaTuRaL gLoBaL wArMiNg in 5 days


With names like Cody, Coby, Cory and Tyler, you would think both teams would be the "White" team.

D e L p H i N i U m

I don't usually praise people or channels but the art style in this channel keeps on improving and I'm also glad that they upload on a daily basis. Keep up the good work lol Was I this nice?

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early riser

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or dude perfect you guys, should have a best hair cut challenge the best hair cut wins and could you say thanks to chris connors wirch is me thanks

Burhan ali tik tok videos

1:51 he is thinking which expression can i do

Sahin Landman

holy shit! good work editing and finding!

TripleT Thomas

That was the best thing ever 😍

Ben Mitchell

What’s blitzball

Jake brandon

Notice 2:14 - 2:16 Brody only has 1 sock on

Tyler E.

the dream one is a reference to blade runner (can androids dream of electric sheep) thats what it means

learn how to draw

Did Cody say at the start we can all still have children

Yo-yo 21savage

My favorite player is russ

Forrest Mikhail

This comeback is STRONG

Marc Correale

Heffboom Konijn

BPD survivor here, and yes I did say survivor as there are no forms of medication that have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of borderline personality disorder.


The trick shot at 3:08 went threw then right back threw

Noah Burch

They try to make you think it’s a intense story but it’s going to be bad. This is just a cash grab

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My birthday is in June 5th too‼️

Night man Ndu


Matthew Ehrlich

10 years later....

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Haha F.E.D the P.I.G umm donno what the B is

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Who really wants to slide down that bass pro shop

Kaipo Kelekolio-Moepono


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I need to get the miracle berry because I be picky

Odari Boys 2

How many tries you have done

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Mannnn awesome


Plot twist Elsa caused global warming


Twas Simon of the Yogscast

It’s ridiculous to me.


The soundtrack already sounds amazing, I can't wait

Kingdom Key 2015

DANG IT!IT BROKE!!Man, Ty was mad about that!

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lol, someone did it on s&d when three people were camping there and there reactions were 'hacker, hackers!'

Hira Saad

COBY I Iove you

Teh Donut

I'm not sure how many people even thought of this, but most of us know Bungie's favorite number is seven. In some Halo Games, the year is 2552. Add two and five, and what do you get? You know. This isn't math class, it's Youtube. So, little bit of trivia some people didn't think about, I only realized about a week ago. So, proceed with your day/night.

Assuming it still works the same way, she pulls out an UZI if you interact with her repeatedly.


resident evil 2 its in the same timeline as dead rising

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I’m anxious and avoidant lmao


Why isn’t the Banjo reveal at #1 on trending?

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I will be the last time you were attached


Kenapa akhir2 ini tuh jungkook bias wrecker sekali ya hmmm mo nangis wkwk


R.I.P The Old Guy


Please don't put spoilers on the thumbnail, thanks :)

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I read in Clash of clans "goodbye builder town*" i was like "chota mate"

 serviced offices liverpool street