Homemade Airplane MK3 pt4

Today we built the wings and stressed them! also broke the engine in! Learn More about Oratex®WEBSITE:::::::::::: affiliate links (these help grow the channel, every purchase gets me a small percentage of the sale, it costs you nothing though!) Site where I get batteries and high quality stuff: camera: camera: Spark: Air: Pro: Pro Platinum: 4 Pro: Shotgun mic: Tripod: used: 3D printer: editing software: RC TRANSMITTER that I like to use:place to get High end RC equipment (luminer batteries here)to send me something? :DPeterSripolPMB3283195 Dayton xenia RD STE 900Beavercreek OH 45434DISCLAIMER:This video is purely for entertainment value, any and all replications of any experiments, projects, and creations or similar are the sole legal responsibility of the person(s) involved in replicating them. PSproject can not be liable for any information or misinformation, wrongful use, damage to personal property, death or any circumstances that result from replication of any projects seen. Be safe and use your head people!


I just watched it today

Joshua Castillo

Who's watching this in 2016? 😂


Girl: I hate LGBTQ+

CrZD BeaTZzz

U guys ain't Cam newton or "SuperCam"

Fake Account

No side boob wtf

Jpanther X Drawing

When the bottle hits a head, doesn't it hurt? Like seriously

Luis Alvarez

I have seen your channel like 6 years ago

Lil' Shorty

1:26 Tyler slapped Broodie's ass....Lol😂😂😂

Alejandro Jiménez

loving the references videos my friend, you never fail to entertain me thank you

hyholy subbs

Coby is my bias uwu

Anthony Gregg

I'm fckin afraid of that. HOW COOL BTW LOL

Honeyfern !

I love jens moment of hand shade😂

Tyler Warkentin

Hey guys I frieken love your videos!!! You should send me a DP coffee-shirt, I mean a tea-shirt!!😂😂

tusshar kanti mahapatra

No of bounces 22

TheYetatamus GUY

The longest alley-oop

Jains Gain

Guru, really love your work, with jurassic Park on the horizon very soon any chance we could get Dinosaur games or movie easter eggs

Dane Morgan

U should have put a Chinese flag on pandas go kart

alessandro camera

Ty dad

Isabella Leno

This made me cry it’s not ur fault and ur baby will always be with u and I hope U have a child I will pray for you every day

Luzia Luzia

qualera ele disse eu sei

Nurul Suciati

Tayler id ok

Kent Chester Magdaraog

title of the song pls?


@corycotton part 3?


I thought it was another one of those type of attack ya know?

philip madariaga

where do you get that panda costum

Therese Johansson

boooooo 6:30


there were tits on the see you next Wednesday poster

Mikaela’s World

Favorite fail - when Garret had a rope pulling him

Mariel Lang

I won’t anything happen to her:Monster: and I oop


are you like, a n g r y?


Wait, your using real grenades? That escalated quickly.

Gf. Ofc not