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ahmad terkeni

استمرو يا أحلا شباب احبكن

Lucas The Doofus

you can see the shattered glass on the hoop from the blooper

Ninet Cruz

those weren't even Easter eggs


Oh Hai Mark

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His hair color and hairstyle changes every episode

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Jerome Chi

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Demon Knight

Hmm. Now I know. About the book. And novel. 🤡 is Love. 🤡 is life.


The Mitten's Journal was so cute :)

Sgt Mountain Dew





My actual name is Theodore too. Should I feel honored?

Vivek Varu

This tricks has blown up my mind!!!!

Softballer16 *

RIP Old guy

Kenton Meyer


Polska ! Polska ! :D

Prithvi Sundar

Dude perfect is the most legit sport channel on Youtube

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“those are big finds man” -cody

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Filip Łabaj

There is the Massachusetts Association of Technology Transfer Offices. Maybe this?


Sometimes, I watch one of your videos, and I wonder just how do you manage to get all these easter eggs. It's like, it's your job to find easter eggs or something. Anyhow, I will always love you for that, no homo.

Super Sp1ral

We are all here for 2:24 may he Rest In Peace! 🕊🕊🕊

Hill ave

Team necklace since I already know that.

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Margaret Beland

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Trent Gaming/Fun

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Awesome Kid

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In-n-out is fucking awesome.

Mohamed W

Days now are way different trust me

Trevor Rasmusson

So heart warming

The Once and Future Prophet

Full marks for the appropriate use of the "For a Few Dollars More" soundtrack.

Dana Buchmiller

I love your videos! ❤️🌼❤️

S7 W7

MUFC is the best football team they have Lingard Pogba it's the fucking best

Eli Maggi

You guys should re-do this video idea


Johnny Begood

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The River

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tyreke is the panda

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Manu Play Game


Peter Cagwin




Nithish Magician

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Aaron Myers

Is his name Jef?

Sloopy Clooka


Chloe Mcleod



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