How investors could act until a U.S.-China trade agreement is on paper: MTI on the markets

China might call off the trade deal. Kevin tells us about tariffs that could be in the pipeline.

Hochul Song

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Jeremy Rivera

I’m The human controler

Said Charanek

Where's Janemba!!!!! #dbfz

Sarah Meyer

love for her and her family! <3

Nolan Prather

Anyone notice Ty called Coby a kid when talking about his hat and lifejacket

Yoni Ortiz

There better not be no gay characters in this movie


Hey man, I hope you're having a good night. I just wanted to know if you were on Soundcloud so I could follow you, cause the songs you use for your videos are all I need in my life right now.

The Boss Stage1

2:01 are you playing that on an emulator?

Tarek Abuaita


Aiden Urbano

Boys in the class call me fat but I'm not I just have big uniform 😂 😭


Was that like a tremor in the last easter egg ?

Jesus Deluna

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I your lover DP btw im indo :D

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Jenny Animations

Cancer is for people like 50!

Yog Kumar

Remember you cannot mention iphone as a phone

Joe-bob 007

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Dr. Phil

The foremost reason to stop eating meat is for the animals who are kept in downright awful conditions. Even "cruelty free" farms aren't actually cruelty free. Then there is also the role large farms play in climate change.

Palm Tv

At the start Im the last airbender

Sufia Gulzar

Also chess


wish you did naruto

Al Br


Kennedy Scanlan

Are they lying about there ages

Ben Lewis

It... it was never real

Jaxon Beeson

The reason it curves is NOT because it is edited. When the ball is in the air for long enough it starts to curve because of the spin when he throws it

Yuki Takahashi

Watching this trailer is like getting back with my ex...I thought I was over it but when he came back I couldn’t pull myself away...... help...

Dylan McLaughlin

In the the Epilogue of Uncharted 4, if you go outside to the Jeep, the license plate says ND1984, which is reference to Naughty Dog and year they were founded

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5.47 😂 😄

Scott Robinson

Can someone please explain to me just how they make all these the first try. I try to do them but I can never make it.

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This was bad ass

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The Fancy Lizard

there is an easter egg on ac2


i accualy have no meaning in life,i just enjoin few things: eating,watching films,and playing games 24/7


2:54 is that Coby or Cory

Josmary Pallero

Mi favorita del momento. 🖤🖤 Que voz y letras la de Ozuna, el negrito ojos claros enamora ! 😍