How I trade The Agimat Updated Version 2018

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Tyler Hanna

Fearne Kelly

But no matter what a say they just shout and say I'm doing it for attention! I just want to die ! I'm always sad and I always just want to cry and lay on the floor and go to sleep and never wake up. I need help but nobody listens!! I have tried everything!! The only thing I can do to prove it now is just end it! Even then they will probably say it was for attention .

Oof Bow



I hope this will be darker and more mature than the first frozen. Loved the first one though. Saw it like five times


yall just need to stop putting ethan on he show all he does is make people not want to watch lmaoo


Spam tastes amazing. you just have to fry it good and eat it with rice or in a breakfast sandwich

Plumbo Jumbo

6:24 I'm not sure about this (I've never played The Last of Us before) but is that Crash Bandicoot in the bottom left?

Sujit Pal

This story is so good I cried

Fatima Al-Taie

Bro this gave me chills

Im Deza

IS THIS FROM THE PHILIPPINES?!?!?!? I heard “Manila”

Squid Gamer/Ed



Realizes there is no booze in fridge....immediately gets annoyed by outside noise. Classic Sam.

Aaron Win

Notification Squad!!!!


LOL 5:40 You punched it in the face like it was nothing!


F Tyler

Alan 777 rivera

Quiero que usen horas para que anoten en algo


do me a favor. press ctrl and w at the same time

Lord Joerilen

dont worry

Lightning McCarthy

Build another boat battle please

Snack Man

im looking for a youtuber willing to drink $60,000 water

Janet Johns

Please include Karity in one of your vids! Thanks!

Tayybaflies _9

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the half blood prince

Jett Karst

I think every video u say leave a like u get less likes

Jesus Araujo

Now watch me Youuuu, Great outro.

Jack T.

Mom: wake up son you have school in 20 minutes

Summer Jacelyn Brooke

Why did the skeleton cross the road? To get to the body shop.

Christine Eason-Kennington

Ty I can’t believe you missed the landing!😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅👍👍👍👍



William Hardy

Panda face reveal please

Wauser 21

Sub 2 PewDiePie

Manvir Grewal - Centennial Sr PS (1506)


Makayla Sejkora

Green shirt for the win!

amy brown

people must have thought 9/11 was happening again

Killer Zachx

They should film at skyzone

2. Family Guy (the counting, whispering, and humor)

Nishant Bhavsar

Love u panda


As an Australian I have no idea what a blitzball is

Anonymous Commenter

Olaf 1:10: SquealMe trying to sing the song


Short but very cool. 

que pasa culiao

Giles qls weenos

Sarmad Shahzad

Chick fil a anti lgbtq

Rekha Bahety

World s largest sling shot

Aki Schmidt

Umm Germany😂

Mackenzie Tyler

Theres a new maybelline foundation coming out I would love to see a tati review on it <3 Love you!

Sanailovez 1

How did u start throwing up a month later if it was just a dream