How Long Should You Hold Your DayTrades? 🏃

How long should you hold your daytrades for? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE!This video is about studying price action to set targets.We have this dilemma as traders; everyone tells us to cut our losers and hold to our winning trades.But when we try to hold onto our winners often they don't seem to go as far as we want.Or when we cut them they rip off to the stratosphere! So how do we try to mitigate this or reduce this?We've talked in the past in terms of trade targets such as the ATR but often a good way of deciding when to take your trades is to look at what the current market ebb and flow and condition is like and use that as a guide as to what you want to get.So if you're looking for that first momentum push you need to look back and say what is that going to be or what is that likely to be?Let's say you're actively day trading the DOW and you want to trade those up and down moves - study the price action of the intraday drives and pullbacks.What we shouldn't be doing is setting some random unrealistic goal target when we know that the intraday movements for the day have been much smaller.Related VideosTrading vs Swing Trading - Which is Better? ☝You Hold a Day Trading Position Overnight? Managing the Gap Risk 🐹You Hold a Day Trading Position Overnight? 🤔Long Should You Hold Forex Day Trades? 🏃

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