How to build a Forex trading robot

you want to make your own trading robots, there are a number of skills that you need to acquire. This video is about understanding and building the skills needed to build a trading robot. It's not easy, but honestly it's not all that hard either. With time and dedication, you can do it!Resource on Learning to Program:| Amazon link to book

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you guys are the absolute best! i love your videos :)

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I hate it when people want you to like their comment Like if u agree XD

it helps to know that im not the only one suffering, but somehow, it makes me even sadder because i wouldnt wish this on anyone. im so tired of the way i feel.

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dope track heyyy

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love your vids man :)

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"Try not to listen to your worries"

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Fire! 🔥

Producer: Is this a joke to you


i go to this school :o

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those last few lines really hit me... my parents don't let me stay with my boyfriend much and while I do feel lucky that my situation isn't as bad as the storyteller's, I really do feel like I should be risking more to see him.. he always tells me when I have to leave him that it's not goodbye and he tells me not to cry... but it's so hard that they keep me from him... great video xx

Tut tut tut

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The UBI is only the beginning. What is ultimately required is a New Paradigm in Economics. To know more go to

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...she chose heaven didn't she?

Still not behind bars...

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Malaysia curtin

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Tom Brady or Baker Mayfield?

video Judges

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They say your smile is the most important thing to wear

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GF: Distractions, distractions, distractions.

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I can't accept the fact that I have experienced most of these. Am I depressed?

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I'm like this i have so mush pain that somtime i just wont to be alone and do nothing a sit in my bed 2 hours befor i can sleep but i always remind my self that i'm strong no mater what

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You are the best channel ever

I was going to Starbucks with My dad and he bought a café late for me and they asked for My name we Said ”Sebastian” cause that is my name and right after that I receive my cup and it says “Sernando” me and my dad laughed all the way back home

lol dei wtf

Some people would rather death come sooner than later and that’s sad😔

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You can also find a copy of FAR CRY 2 in the pawnshop

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That Alzheimer's bit got me good, thanks for introducing me to them!

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What if I tore apart my own self esteem

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This is awesome dude perfect

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watching this video gave me a flashback to the worst two years so far of my life in 5th and 6th grade when i was mixed up with the wrong type of people aka the jocks/bullies even though i was a geek you could say they magically let me be with them but it gave me anxiety and after some time depression so when the day came and they started ignoring me and being twice as evil i knew they didnt want to be with me so i just accepted it and started playing football with my other friends but they were constantly close by and it looked like they were just mocking me making me feel worse but after probably one and a half year when my other friend that was hanging out with them also got ditched i slowly but carefully started to lose the inner voice talking smack about my self but now i feel lot better and all i can think is i will never be with those fuckheads again

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