How To Demo Trade on Tradingview

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Awesome Abby!!!

They should play giant pool

Ludmila Velez

Someone know where they buy this arrow?! I really want to know

Martin Vasquez

Ten valor de decir que no quieres seguir si intentarlo es el plan entonces ya te perdí

Ritu Kohlivig



Yes spread the news. Matt Murdock is Daredevil!

Fernando Guedea Alvarado

how many controls endured😂

Thomas Skiadopoulos

When your going on tour, none of these places are in my country that I’m from

Royke Mambu

Where in the world that she found this girl?

Kiwi Animations

That's so.... COOOOOOOL!

Kyle Bailie

Jak and Daxter was one of the best games ever.

Harmony Wardlaw

The catchiest song everrrr!

ZBoss1139 Is a legend

I loved dem all


I didn't know that the island on just cause 2 was an easter egg (I accidentally got in). Also you haven't said that there is a base that the soldiers inside die very hard.

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You know… there’s this thing called aN adoptions…🤦‍♀️


Fan: Elsa is so much stronger than other princessDirector: so make her superhero

Death Grips

the own game has 18 finales , i guess 5 of then is a crazy thing , and the game has 5 fuckin easter eggs of blow the mind,looks like the creator was on crack when he make the game


They're at copper mtn

Tristan Higuera



mix magnesium and KCLO4 or KCLO3 and light it with a sparkler....

LolFaceAlex Chloe

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Amy Nguyen

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In saudi arabia this girlfriend boyfriend relationship is highly prohibited and both of the couple would be charged with adultry. And by the way your use of that phrase is highly wrong, for the situation that the two were in was called "engagement" . So fiancee and fiance would have been more appropriate.

abraham salazar

did i see a turd fly out of the explosivs?

Well damn that’s harsh

Noshaba Noshi

What's the name of the spinner that Ty used for "The Spin Bender Shot" and "Super-Speed-Spinning-Spinner-Strike-Slammin'-Smash Shot"?

Hitarth Jaiswal

A whale fishing battle


super awsome tell your phone no.

Sam Thornley

What about the fact that the trade terminals look like Wheatly from Portal 2?

Cry Baby

This is kind of videos are my favourite on YouTube.

Ruben Lopez

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James Atkins

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Shadowswolf girl


Aidan Gordon

Physo mantis was at the end! it was a reference for when he read your memory card in the 2nd game.

Briana Grande

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Bluu Daniel

Producer: Shakey screen?