how to draw great trendlines 📈

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Thaxasaurian Saurian class

Winter is coming


cody looks so small against them

Michel Austria


Read the name above this comment.

Gourmete Miguelin


William Wright

The boom bow

Elijah Low

yeah make a video of all ur failures

Tanisha Guerrero

I hope u get better

Kha Phan

eat 1 ball you died

Katie Homann


flower picture

why does Tom Holland look so damn hot in here??? like he just there acting like hes being caught as an influencer lmao

Xavier Morales

come to Kerman California

Emmy 11

No wonder why Caillou was a little shit

FPM_ Banana

2018 July anyone?


Yes Tati!!! Life does not end when your twenties do! Thank you!! 🙌🙌🙌Do you know how often I've said this? It's not just makeup. Its TV, books and movies. Frankly pisses me off. Love that inspirational rant. I wish more people would say this.



i don't know which one more beautiful the scenery or yunho

Zachary Chavez

i guesed befor them

Samuel Esparza

Isn't it Hood Safari?

JinX Cubing

Panda is the best!

Hazel Anne

Am I the only one that thought the title said hit or miss

Rodrigo Prieto

People shouldn't hate you it takes a long time to find Easter eggs


who watch this 2016?

Kyle Selinger

3:33 me when i have 1 card in uno and someone throws a +4 at me

KidPerfect360 765


Isabel Steele

This is click bait

Ralph Mayers

Roger Moore is the best James Bond ever!

Of course not

Am I the only one that goes to a school where everyone is nice and doesn't judge anyone cuz I can't relate to some of these schools in these stories?


5 people inclusive me is mad because they blow up the earth

Daniel Abad

This was great!

Hi Bye

1:12 BUTT be careful


Moaning Myrtle always have me ASMR.

the underrated One

Video:How to lose weight without diet or excercise


This is just a GMC made viral video to market there trucks. This is Gay. Nice try GMC.

Mirajane Strauss

Oh dear ._. Girl, assumptions are dangerous :/ I'd want to sink into the ground if I was her. Poor dude:0


When the trailer is more epic than Avengers Endgame.

was present? Was any medication used? Was the birth experience as you expected it to

FlyCuzFly School

Do the wings and datsyuk

I'm patato master

My life.

DeleteSystem _32

I came

andre pp


Joe: I heard you like to sit on the toilet completely naked in the morning...tell me a little about that.


Here under 1M views!

Holy nostalgia

Harley Vanderbeck

I am so the rage monster

Still a great vid tho!😎

Nick MvP

What about Monsters Inc?

Colin Roblox


Leonard Koh

Did you guys run out of ideas for battles?


ninja pig


Flip Flip Flip

Chris 6.0 or die

Why Dive into the croud Elbow first

Akiro Iadanza

Ciao io sono italiano mi potete salutare siete i miei idoli

Misty Martin

I have seen so many people die working with the elderly. It can be a very depressing job.

Gavin Lopez

Guru you are a badass!

fod gang 21

I play your games