How to Make an App for Beginners (2019) - Lesson 1

Learn how to make an app even if you have no coding experience! (Brand new for 2019) This is a 10 part video series designed for beginners in mind to teach the fundamental skills for making apps on iOS.In lesson 1, you'll learn WHAT you need to learn and then you'll dive right in and build your first Hello World app using Auto Layout.This video series uses the latest and greatest from Apple (Xcode 10, Swift 5, iOS 12) and will teach a beginner with no programming experience how to make iPhone apps. I'm creating these videos with the assumption that the student has no prior knowledge and is starting from scratch.SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ► _________________ FREE RESOURCES (download links)Lesson 1 Recap Notes:📓 get started with developing your own app, join my free 7 Day App Action Plan and I'll help you put together a game plan in just ONE WEEK!!⚡ together in our CWC Community:👩‍💻 My guide for Xcode on Windows:💻Swift Syntax Cheat Sheet ► _________________ MY iOS FUNDAMENTALS COURSE Learn More ► Volume licensing inquires? Just contact us at:WITH ME For more tutorials on how to build iPhone apps, make sure you join and visit my site where you'll find a community of like minded learners!Learning something new is always more fun with other people!Website ► Group ► ► _________________FOLLOW ME Twitter ► @CodeWithChrisInstagram ► @CodeWithChris _________________ABOUT ME Hi I’m Chris!I’m dedicated to teaching fundamentals about how to make an app.This is important if you’re trying to land an iOS job, be a freelancer, increase or start a business with an app idea.On the site, you'll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift 4, Xcode 10 and app building from my course and materials! Need motivation?Here's just a sample of the success stories my students have sent in:👩‍💻 #CodeCrew #HowToMakeAnApp

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